Install the Pocketchip Desktop on an normal Debian?


Hi there does anyone now how to install the Pocketchip Desktop on a Normal Debian ?


I don’t think that should be a problem. I guess you could install the marshmallow one pretty easy.

The other way around is also not the biggest problem in the world


So i use easily the marshmallow home installer and can use the complete Desktop ? I didnt need a C.H.I.P with the Pocketchip OS preinstalled ?


You should be able to put marshmallow over the normal desktop os


ok i will try it


Just remember that IF this isn’t a CHIP (or an equivalent ARM based system), you could also get the source and recompile it. There may be some issues to get the right window manager installed too, since PocketHome is just an application. But if you dig into the startup process, you can make it work.