Installing pocketchip gui on headless CHIP


I’d like to install the PocketCHIP GUI onto my chip flashed with the headless version. I don’t want to re-flash since I don’t want to remove my DIP since I don’t have anything to safely remove it.


You can flash with a DIP, just use a jumper wire to lightly connect the solder blobs on the bottoms of CHIP. Why would you want to install a PocketCHIP GUI on a headless CHIP?? You can’t use it unless you have a PocketCHIP.


cant I install it as a package like installing a Desktop Environment? I want to attach a touchscreen to it and try it


Well you can flash it and then attach a screen, although, I understand that you don’t want to flash…


You should be able to just install pocket-home and be fine, I would suggest the excellent Pocket Home fork courtesy of @marshmallow - has a ton more features and is much more user friendly than the default.


I would suggest you look over all the Tazikify oriented threads (brainchild of the amazing @JKW) He breaks out the LCD stuff specifically.

Or are you trying to run the GUI in some other way as a form of “alternate” to a more traditional desktop. You didn’t say HOW you wanted to attach the screen…:slight_smile:

PocketHome (either defalt NTC one or the version from @marshmallow) is an application that acts as a launcher, and runs in a “tiled” window manager called Awesome…So yes, they are “packages” you can install, but it’s not as simple as a single apt-get…