Is it Charging When Turned Off?


Hi everyone!
I’ve just got my Pocket CHIP and trying to give it it’s first charge but when it’s powered down there doesn’t seem to be any notification that the device is charging. When I first plug in the charging cable the white light near the connector goes on for half a second then stays off. Is this normal?? Should it be staying on untill fully charged?

When it’s turned on the battery indicator turns pink whe the cable is connected but the segments don’t cycle as you’d expect it to.

Any advice would be great!
Many Thanks

QUICK ANSWER: Yes this is normal behaviour it seems!


I usually charge my pCHIP when it’s off, it does charge. Right, when you connect the charge through the microUSB, the LED will light up for less than a second, indicating the the pCHIP is receiving power. As far as I know, if it’s on and you charge it, the battery indicator should be orange, I think.


yes, is normal.
see this

there are a script for battery


Many thanks for the super speedy replies!
Puts my mind at rest!