Just got my pocket chip!


Hi,I got my pocket chip an hour ago.I’d like to know if there’s anything I need to download.Also how do I install emulators?


I strongly recommend Marshmallow’s Pocket Home:

As for emulators, you may be interested in a certain emulators installer called “Pocket Installer”… :smile:


If he’s able to wait for a while it should be much easier to install, you know what I’m saying @Dmian :grin:

A little few more tests @retrobolt and Pocket Installer would be much easier to use and a little bit more complete. I hope to release it today or tomorrow.




YES! :grin:

It’s worth waiting, really. :+1:


personally I always install terminology first (its a nice terminal emulator that I always use) and if you like rougelike games we got a ton of those going strong!

and there is also openRCT2 (open source ver. of rollercoaster tycoon 2) (hehe shameless plug)


Thanks,I installed marshmallow and am now trying to install mednafen.