Links We Like: Space Auctions, Scientific Glassblowing, & Iconifying All the Things


This week’s Links We Like explore the world of Space history auctions, appreciate the art of scientific glassblowing, and survey what it looks like to iconify all the nouns.

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Well, I found something they don’t have on the Noun Project.


That is all.



I gotta say I really love the stuff @dcschelt digs up and shares with us. Thank you!


Thanks, @senkun! I really enjoy putting these posts together. It makes it even better when other people let me know then enjoy reading them. Thanks again for the nice post.

ᕕ( ՞ ᗜ ՞ )ᕗ


The pleasure is all mine. Especially loved that post of yours where you shared Typeset In The Future, had me all nostalgic, not only because they are all my favourite films, but what Dave Addey wrote about Eurostile Bold Extended had me in stitches. Way back when before Apple ripped off PARC Xerox, we did all our design drafting by hand and for presentations we dressed up all titles with Eurostile Bold Extended, it was the go-to font. Damn it still looks good today.


Check this out, even PARC followed the 6 Rules.


Lol at swastica chip


That’s a Buddhist chip.


It is, indeed, Buddhist (the arms point the opposite direction of the one used by Nazis). It is only in modern times, after Nazi Germany’s hijacking of the symbol that we have come to associate it in the west purely with Naziism and fascism. But, in non-western culture, the swastika is still highly in use as a religious symbol - which is its actual origin, and goes back to something like 10,000 BC.

It’s honestly very interesting stuff, especially that the same symbol has come to have extremely different meanings by different cultures.