Lirc Support in Kernel


I have enabled CONFIG_LIRC and few related modules through menuconfig. When the kernel is built and copied to the device I could not see /dev/lirc0 or any other related entry. What I am missing?

Is module like lirc_rpi is need in CHIP to get the entry?

As the Lirc rpi patch suggests, GPIO pin needs to be defined for the module, Is anybody who is having the expertise can suggest which GPIO pins to be used?


I am also very interested in LIRC support. According to this post: Installing LIRC on C.H.I.P a good option would be LCD-D[2-23] because they are “directly connected to CHIP(Allwinner R8)” and therefore suffer less latency. Apparently, the conventional GPIO pins may not have precise enough timing. I did not realize that the LCD pins could be used for GPIO.


I am also very interested in lirc support. According to this post: New kernel live in apt repos! Flashable images also online! There are changes in LIRC module. Does anyone test it or actually know what the changes in detail are ? I’m trying to build a remote control to switch on/off my AV reciever. At the moment a spotify connect client is running on the chip. The goal is that the device switch on, if someone connects with the client…


How did you manage to get spotify connect running on the NTC CHIP?

I tried many hours to get it working, but got the failure (pylast not available).
I tried it woth the fornoth version from github.
Do you have a tutorial for installing it???


That’s strange. I’m using Fornoth’s version

But I have modified the start command and parameters. Try this one:
avahi-publish-service TestConnect _spotify-connect._tcp 4000 VERSION=1.0 CPath=/login/_zeroconf &
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD python --playback_device ‘default:CARD=sun4icodec’ --mixer 'Power Amplifier’
Maybe you have to change the path