Mednafen (Emulator) configuration (GBC/GBA/SNES/NES)


Thanks again. Sadly, reports from other C64 fanboys (like myself) has said that Vice doesn’t run too good on the CHIP as of yet. But hopefully it will soon. I really really really hope I can also get something like UAE (Amiga emulator) to run as well.

I got the fan made English translation for Mother 3 for the GBA and that may be the first game I try out when I download this. Awesome sauce. :smile:


Ok is there a way to get it to not try and load a .ips file? I don’t have one!


I dont know mine always says it cant load the ips file but continues to run fine anyway, i dont actually know what an ips file is. i dont have any with my roms…

Did it crash when it couldnt load that? Mine never has…


I thought i put that in my post?

“Now that its running, to edit our button mappings we have to press Shift+Alt+1 and then tell mednafen how we want them. I noticed that the F10 and F12 keys that PICO uses are mapped to internal mednafen keys. My setup uses o and p for A and B. k and l for L and R. enter for START and the Shift below enter for SELECT”


What are your settings set to for snes?


I actually havent played an snes game yet so, i dont have any


Could you post what you find when you can test it?


of course :wink: btw im always on the irc

Ill make some images with what id recommend for layouts


Yours hasn’t? It crashes for every snes game I’ve tried, though it gets farther than @Drazil100’s point:


Yea i cant get snes to work, i think its an sdl problem


At the moment, I think nothing is accelerated on the PocketCHIP, vis a vis the display, so a lot of the performance-bound emu’s will be a no-go. The fact that you’ve got a build is positive, but until you can link against the Mali EGL driver, it won’t be so fruitful, alas. This means, getting an SDL2 that is Mali-friendly, as well … so its not exactly a non-thorny problem on the part of NextThing, that this hasn’t been sorted out yet.

Gotta get that accelerator working, NextThing guys! Like, stat!


Its only limited to show 6 apps? That’s a shame :confused:


Question: All this seems to be done on the pocket chip, would it still work the same way on the normal vanilla chip? What woul I change to fit the normal 440:640 screen?


It would work fine, if not better with normal chip. The scaling options should be the same

Pre order check ins!

Where did you get your ROM files?


Does anyone have any config settings for the Sega Genesis or Game Gear emulators, or will some of the Nintendo settings in OP work for these systems?


Is opengl even available for arm devices? Are we stuck with sdl until someone modifies mednefen?


After turning the sound rate down and cranking the sound buffer up a bit I’ve had some luck eliminating the crackling in the GBC game I was playing. Probably has more to do with the buffer than the sound rate.

Edit: One thing I notice after closing the emulator is it says the “period time is too large”, but I’ve had no luck changing the variable in the config file. Not sure what that’s all about.


Is there any reason to install libsdl2-dev? I set everything up before I got here, but I just realized this was mentioned. It seems to pull in a bunch of dependencies from xorg.


Not 100% sure about this, but i can tell you after running it with “sdl” as the video driver before installing the libsd2-dev, it was about 200 times slower than after i installed it


Of course opengl is out for arm devices! How else do people play games on smartphones? How does the nvidia shield work? :stuck_out_tongue: One thing we use is called NEON, and its one of the main features of armv7 and armv8a that we use for graphics