Mednafen Keyboard Binding Wizard


Just thought I’d share something I found while searching for keymap information on Mednafen.

I did my initial setup using this tutorial: Mednafen Setup Tutorial

Unfortunately every time I started Mednafen it would override the keymaps I carefully setup with the default configuration file.

After doing some searching on the issue, I found that Mednafen comes with a simple control binding setup in-game, meaning I don’t have to look up keyboard codes.

After loading a ROM, press ALT+SHIFT+1 to bring up the keyboard input setup.

Mednafen (Emulator) configuration (GBC/GBA/SNES/NES)

This is already included in the tutoral you linked:

Now that its running, to edit our button mappings we have to press Shift+Alt+1 and then tell mednafen how we want them. I noticed that the F10 and F12 keys that PICO uses are mapped to internal mednafen keys. My setup uses o and p for A and B. k and l for L and R. enter for START and the Shift below enter for SELECT