Need some advice for setting up to run MaslowCNC


Hi All,
It’s probably been almost 20 years since I worked at a startup ISP in Philly and spent my days in Linux, and I’m finding I’m much more rusty that I anticipated. As it looks like I’m going to be flashing my Chip again, I thought I would take about eight steps back, count to 10(resist throwing my chip out the window), and ask for some advice.

So - here’s what I’m trying to do.

Next month(hopefully) I will be the very happy and excited owner of a MaslowCNC setup. Of course, doing things the way I I always do, in addition to tasking myself with learning CAD I also loved the idea of having a chip run my setup so I could leave my MacBook safe and sound well away from sawdust.

I need to install Pyserial, Kivy, and Maslow’s Ground Control software.

I’m on attempt three or four, now, of getting things going - I’ll admit my first couple were probably sent into a tailspin because I wasn’t proceeding methodically enough.

I have three CHIPs I can play with, VGA DIP, and I couldn’t resist the PocketChip, so I have that in my arsenal as well. I have a a small screen I have the option of mounting on the MaslowCNC along with a CHIP(small as in it’s the slave screen from the kids’ old portable DVD player).

I’ll have to address network issues in the shop, but that’s for later.

So, my most recent plan of attack was as follows:

  • get and install updates
  • Set up Locales
  • Install Blink
  • Install Pyserial(I think I got that done, but didn’t get to test it yet)
  • Install Kivy - and this is where I stopped

I had reset passwords and so forth, and that actually is the reason that I’m flashing the chip - somehow I’ve messed up the root password, though I thought I was quite careful.

I’m beginning to think that it would be better to have the Maslow chip be headless, nix the small screen, and run it from either the Pocketchip or one of the other Chips connected to a VGA monitor in a safer, less dusty area of the shop, or maybe just get one really long USB cable to run from the machine to computer! However, the further I go the more I’m feeling out of my depth, so… here’s me asking for help!

By the by, having difficulty flashing my Chips from my Mac I set it up to dual boot into Ubuntu, so I’ll be switching over to that shortly to take care of that part.

Thanks all!


To change the password run


as the chip user.
to change the root passwd run

sudo passwd

as the chip user.

As long as you know the chip password you can change the root password.

You might want to check out this thread to get started…

It includes things like setting up locales.

setting up chip as a headless server with minimal tools