New direct links for the new kernels .chp images


Toshiba NAND

Hynix NAND

Where to get the .CHP img file
Where to find the CHP images?
PocketChip flash GUI4.4 FN not work
Is the Flasher Website Offline?

das ist verboten…


Nah man. It’s the official direct links…


mmmm - peculiar…

I tried reading in that list in a shell script - but kept putting a %O at the end of each URL from wget and getting “Forbidden”…

So I simply went:
> wget -content-disposition --trust-server-names -i [my-list-text-file]

and it’s grabbing them…


Sometimes it’s better to use curl when wget getting errors.
And the basic one in busybox, can get annoying.


So what lame the downlod did not pay your bill or what: =)

11 KB/s Download Speed


correct I’ve got 68KB/s just too slow with my usual 1.4MB/s XDSL line, would it be possible to have some replica on Amazon S3 Europe ?


What are the GPL sources for these kernels, devicetrees and configs? What branch/commit for each?


Here are some different links (on cloudfront) that may be exactly the same, or might happen to download faster:

4.4 Desktop with DIP support
(MD5 73764a5785e8913e55c35fb2b2c1e75b)

4.4 Desktop
(MD5 c0dec468a648e99de0669d8abb8c8b29)

4.4 Headless
(MD5 165e3a2a2c9353e06b98136beac777eb)

4.4 PocketCHIP (now pointless because of PocketDesk)
(MD5 3cd9e8c9739076f9b345d8c89f6730fe)


While PocketDesk is pretty great, there are subtle differences at the UBOOT level and also some of the lower level battery monitoring, etc. that are still different. So I would say “mostly pointless” :smiley: