OpenGLES or OpenGL Support for any NES Emulator


Does anyone know of any NES emulator that supports OpenGL or OpenGLES that would run on Chip or PocketChip?

Maybe incorporate a OpenGL wrapper to run an OpenGL emulator via OpenGLES?

This whole studder issue is driving me crazy and was wondering if using the Mali GPU would eliminate the lag.

Is there any emulator that would work using the Mali GPU???


Is Mednafen not accelerated?


I’ve heard that fceux works with OpenGL, but some people say that it doesn’t work. You could try that.


I am unsure, but I think that it is not open OpenGL or OpenGLES accelerated.


You are correct, it is OpenGL accelerated, but the MALI 400 GPU is not OpenGL compliant, only OpenGLES compliant. I was wondering if someone knows how to build FCEUX with an OpenGL wrapper to get it to run hardware accelerated.


You could use GLSHIM as a wrapper. I have had this on a CHIP with mixed results, but i did not do any game/emulator testing.


How does GLSHIM work? Do you install it then execute FCEUX with some parameter? I would give it a try on my CHIP, but not on my PocketCHIP until I can see how it works. :slight_smile:


I have some documentation on it somewhere.
Give me a minute to find it.

Here is some install instructions. Thanks @anthk

You can read more about the use on this post: Is the mali driver OpenglES only i take it?