Personalization of GUI


Looks awesome! How’s working Chromium for you? And by the way do you know the path of the PKC Docs? I deleted the icon and now I don’t where it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Chromium runs smoothly, better than surf, obviously it limits multitasking due to the RAM demand, but it’s ok. You can run even WhatsApp web with it, which with surf is impossible. HTML5 video (YouTube) is not very responsive, that’s why I ended installing smtube (smtube website).

There’s an issue: the screen size with the tabs bar and the omnibox… :disappointed_relieved:

And the path for the docs is: /usr/share/pocketchip-localdoc/
The original shell command for the Pocket-Home icon is: surf /usr/share/pocketchip-localdoc/index.html


Hey, I have to ask: I downloaded smtube with smplayer. Videos load most of the times, but they run slow and without sound, does that happen to you too?


Definitely not, my video and audio playback runs smoothly…
Try configuring smtube to use another player, like VLC or create this mplayer config file:

# file path: "~/.mplayer/config" (without quotes)


I’ll try that, thanks a lot.


How did you do the battery life, IP and time in homescreen?


Follow [this guide] ( from @marshmallow


thanks- I noticed the xfce directories when browsing the pocket’s file system and was wondering if there was already a hidden dual boot type thing. I am a newbie to linux in general, have used it/installed it only 2-3 other times and haven’t used it extensively, though am registry-editing level proficient in Windows. I was wondering if this other desktop also sees all the apps that are installed in the chip gui/username?


“This other desktop” isn’t a completely different operating system, so it is not comparable to dual-boot. Think of it this way; The window-managers and desktop-environments are separated out from the rest of the OS, so you can choose how to mix and match them for any particular chip user who now has choices of how to be presented with all his/hir own files and applications.


thanks, I understand that, but noticed that the pico-8 and sunvox install files are in the folders for the default interface, and I have seen a few people mentioning losing them when using a different GUI.


Hi @MadRooster, When you refer to “install files” I think you actually mean the sym-linked icons that start those apps from the PocketCHIP home screen, no? The apps are still there, and you can still start them, even without that home screen. I have tried a few different ways and written about them:

And also;


thanks, I guess I misspoke with “install file” but don’t know what to call the linux equivalient of the .exe file. I am not talking about desktop icons. I have 10 years experience in tech support btw. I know Windows (and DOS) well but not Linux, and got this box mostly to learn it. However as a professional designer, I’m not happy with a text-based interface because i’ve got too many things to memorize already.


Yeah the executable application files are still there, even when changing desktop environments. On the other hand, there have been file ownership problems when logging out of the chip-user and logging in as root. It is described and solved here:


cool thanks- so I guess I can try out this other window manager without even making changes to the system, so that looks like a low-risk thing to try.


I thought I’d get in on the desktop action!


Fantastic stuff here! I will definitely be changing the programs on the home screen. Is it possible to have more than 6?

I have a problem with the change to - the system hangs when the little box turns completely red. I can use ssh to return to

How can I change the default user for the graphical mode?


The absolut easiest way to customize the home screen is to use marshmallow-home made by @marshmallow.

You can find more information here:


Good stuff :slight_smile:

So I am assuming all these customizations can also be run on the “$9” CHIP with TV display, especially that it has 2x RAM of 512MB?

(I really hope the new GR8 version doesn’t reduce memory, but increases it on CHIP to 256MB + existing 512MB, maybe add more drivers !)

What I am looking for is a few chosen icons on the home screen, and the ability to lock out additions/deletions via password protection. And minimum clutter, even the top File-Edit etc menu made visible / invisible ?



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