PICO-8 is now free for C.H.I.P. | All Confirmed Pre-Orders have shipped! | We're launching a Kickstarter tomorrow 11/17!


PICO-8 Free! Get it now with Apt-Get

PICO-8 is now free on each and every C.H.I.P.! To install it, simply follow the instructions in the announcement blog post. Instructions here! - http://blog.nextthing.co/pico-8-now-free-for-all-c-h-i-p-s/

All Confirmed Pre-Orders are Shipping Now

All the orders that have been confirmed before 11/10 have been uploaded to our logistics partners and will be processed over the next few weeks.

New Express Holiday Shipping

To be sure any gifts you order from us arrive on time, we’ve added a SUPER SPECIAL HOLIDAY EXPRESS shipping option. After processing, delivery of orders with SUPER SPECIAL HOLIDAY EXPRESS shipping will be around 3-5 business days to most places. We are experiencing high demand with December around the corner, so it may take around 10 business days to process your order.

C.H.I.P. Pro Powered Kickstarter - Launching Tomorrow @ 8AM PST

The response to C.H.I.P. Pro has been amazing, but we’ve been getting a lot of questions about what it takes to go from prototype to C.H.I.P. Pro powered consumer product. We’re planning to share many more details, schematics, and code, but we figured it would be best to have a first hand example of what it takes and how it’s done.

C.H.I.P. Pro adds support for multiple microphones and amazing Hi-Fi audio via I2S so it’s only natural that our first refrence design would make use of both. We’re keeping all the details a surprise until tomorrow, but we can say this:

It’s controlled by your voice.

As always, our new voice powered product will be Open Source Hardware so the community can join in and start hacking, making and remixing from day one.

Look for an email tomorrow with a link to Kickstarter to get the whole story, we’re super excited to see what the Chipster community does with the new hardware.

Stay tuned. There is much, much more to come… tomorrow!

Dave & Everyone @ NTC



Awesome.news! I know alot.of people where sad that PICO-8 wasn’t available on normal chip. And I look.forward to see chip pro in action.


Amazing Job! can’t wait to play some PICO-8!


That’s awesome news! I was able to install Pico-8, but I can’t seem to launch the app. When I click on the icon I see the Pico 8 window flash and disappear. Thanks in advance for any help.


The Kickstarter is just for the single CHIP Pros, right? Not the Dev kits?

Sorry if that question seems stupid… :grimacing:

But I’ll back it if it’s for CHIP Pro! :slight_smile:


I don’t think I would get it but really want to see that KS!

Also I have a question which I suppose the answer is “no” but I’ll just try… any option of getting the power adapter with other kind of plug? Yes, I can use an adapter but in that case I rather use another power adapter. I understand there’s not high demand but perhaps a small batch if enough preorders were made could be possible.




I would like to understand where i can see the shipping costs to Europe.



With shipping and taxes to German 14 €
Handled by LANDMARK Global who take care of everything.