PLEX Mediacenter on the PocketCHIP


Hello guys and girls. In this guide i will show you how to get PLEX running on your PocketCHIP. I can’t imagine this not working on you standalone CHIP, but i don’t have any way to connect to my TV, so that will be up to yourself to try out.

I want to point out before we start, that this is beta software and does require a paid PLEX Pass at the moment. I don’t know if you will be able to use a free account after beta is finished.

In this guide we will install KODI on your device, and run PLEX as an add-on inside of here.

Lets get started.

First of you have to have one of the newest images with 3D support flashed on your device. If you don’t know how to go about doing that, then head over to and follow the directions

Next up we have to get KODI running.
In the terminal type:

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt install kodi

You should now have KODI running on the device. You can always access KODI by opening the terminal and type:

  • kodi

Site note. I would advice you to install Marshmallows pockethome to make icons on you device with links to the programs if you are doing this from a PocketCHIP. Follow this link to learn more.

Now to get PLEX running inside KODI
Download this zip file (don’t unzip it) and transfer it to your device. (I placed mine on the desktop because KODI could not find my USB stick.)

  • Start Kodi

  • Navigate to: Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip file and then navigate to the ZIP file

  • Install zip from local filesystem.

  • Hit Esc and navigate to Videos > Addons and run Plex.

Now you just have to log in with your account, and you are good to go.

If you need any help setting this up, don’t be afraid to ask. You can also always yell me up on the slack channel at


Cool, do you know if there is a plex app that might run natively on the chip? It would be really cool to have a chip/hdmi adapter/bluetooth remote, to stream movies/music to a tv and also play emulators for less than $20 would be like a roku but with much more flexibility.


I am working on getting a PLEX front to run native on the CHIP, but at this point it is pre-alpha.
I am getting help from PLEX and i hope to have something up at running soon


I’ve got plex pass if you need some testing help later on. Something like the hdmi console kit with plex and a wireless controller could easily sell for $40 or so. Especially if the community could come up with a plugin that let people launch emulated games from the plex UI. Movies, music, games all in one place.


hit me up on the slack channel.


What happened to the link to the download the Plex extension?


I forgot to post it¨
Sorry dude.


You lost me at “paid PLEX Pass” lol


i get why.
At this point, it is only for paid PLEX pass, but when it goes out of beta, it will likely be opened up for everyone, but i don’t know the timeframe yet.


They make you pay $5 a month, for certain features. Some I find quite stupid, but if you are a plex pass member you can have it play trailers before each movie to make it seem more “movie” like. Others are better, it lets everyone in your family set up their phone to auto upload any photos/videos they take to your home server freeing up space on your phone, others offer this, but it’s usually to their servers, so they get your photos. Plexpass users also have the option to have it go through your music library and get lyrics, cover art, etc, and make automatic mixes based on current playing song, it does a really good job. Acts as a dvr if you have the right tv tuner in your server. It also gives you access to beta forums. I got it when it was $75 for life, it’s worth that for sure if you use it, the current $150 seems over priced to me.


I do agree that there is a ton of features locked behind the payed PLEX pass, but i have not event started to use most of them. I mostly have a PLEX pass to have access to the beta features.

This thing here is that my PLEX server is a 5tb seagate NAS that is not powerful enough to encode the media to be played on my phone, and no chance to get it playing well on the CHIP. This is where KODI comes in. KODI handles all of the mediaplaying, and they do a damn good job.


I think plex should have a standing offer, try plex pass for a month, if you like it, pay $145 or maybe even less before the first month is up. I can’t wait till they get pci card support for their dvr feature. I think a lot of people will subscribe for that. Having to buy a $200 network tuner is a real turn off at the moment. I have plex server running on a 8 core box, with 32 gigs of ram, connected by firewire to a Drobo with 4 6TB drives, that doubles as my Mame cabinet, so trans-coding is no problem.


The playback seems sluggish to me. Were you able to get the right settings for smooth playback?