Pocket CHIP also does Retroarch


Hey Guys, so I’ve tried everything to get sound working on my Retroarch’ed Pocketchip. Alsa, Alsathreader, Pulse, sdl2, nothing seems to output sound to the 3.5mm jack. Any ideas?


There is an error that occasionally occurres which locks out the sound, the only fix is to reflash, sorry.

It has happened to me once so I feel your pain.


Any way to debug this? A sound works in other places.

And a reflash is not heartache. My config and build are auto.


That I’m not sure, @Jalonzpa and others have tried to figure it out I tried several things and all that helped was reflash, I seem to recall someone saying it was locked into some other process that wouldn’t release it or something.


So wouldn’t a trace of the mixer tell us which process had a the lock on the resource so it could be killed, or better yet, forced into a release and re-take with a mixer?


Probably, I know there is a lot of discussion in the Alsa mixer thread.


Can you link me that thread?


Just did a search for “stutter alsa”…here you go.


Hey guys, could you please test out the Retroarch flatpack for me? The matter is that the time when it was released and I installed it in my Pocket Chip I had also installed packages like docker that I think that slow down the chip and when I tried to launch the flatpak it was sloooow as hell. If it neither works with a fresh flashed chip, we at least have another option to install Retroarch once NTC release in the future the chip’s video drivers.


Gave flatpat a try and it seems to have just crashed the chip.


whenever i start a game on retroarch,it doesnt start up but instead puts "failed to open libretro"
on top of that, i compared my cores to WMG’s and i dont have mednafen


Once I’ve added an emulator to a core, how do I start playing a game?


Having issues installing RetoArch. I followed @WMG instructions and hit a wall with this result:

LD retroarch
obj-unix/release/gfx/drivers_context/wayland_ctx.o: In function gfx_ctx_wl_dest roy_resources': wayland_ctx.c:(.text+0x678): undefined reference towl_egl_window_destroy’
obj-unix/release/gfx/drivers_context/wayland_ctx.o: In function gfx_ctx_wl_set_ resize': wayland_ctx.c:(.text+0x80c): undefined reference towl_egl_window_resize’
obj-unix/release/gfx/drivers_context/wayland_ctx.o: In function gfx_ctx_wl_dest roy': wayland_ctx.c:(.text+0xe64): undefined reference towl_egl_window_destroy’
obj-unix/release/gfx/drivers_context/wayland_ctx.o: In function gfx_ctx_wl_set_ video_mode': wayland_ctx.c:(.text+0x118c): undefined reference towl_egl_window_create’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:187: recipe for target ‘retroarch’ failed
make: *** [retroarch] Error 1


Same for me and other users. I know that there were compiling issues on arm a while ago, but is was even before the launch of c.h.i.p., so I infer that it could be a dependency problem or so because NTC repositories aren’t online. I’m waiting until somebody come out with a way to boot our c.h.i.p.s off usb with an updated distro and try it again.


Just visiting this forum, surprised found out that NTC is dead. What a bummer.

Despite all its flaws and the major flaw that turns me off… with further polish on the OS it could be a cool device but some guy found the solution already.

I gave it another try, attempted to install RetroArch from Pocketinstaller, but I got the errors as well.

Any other solution? Or at least I remember some guy had Mednafen works with GUI but I can’t find the link anymore.


I gave up with RetroArch, the thread you’re thinking about is Mednafen (Emulator) configuration (GBC/GBA/SNES/NES) I’ve just used this and had no issues, the GUI script is added at the bottom of the OP and works pretty well.


Thank youuuuuuu sirrr!!!


Can’t compile the last version. Tried v1.7.0 from over here https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/releases and it worked as in the video.


I install v1.7.0 with the following commands. But cores are missing, is there a solution for this?

sudo apt-get libasound2-dev cmake build-essential git pkg-config
git clone git://github.com/libretro/RetroArch.git
cd RetroArch
git checkout v1.7.0
./configure --enable-opengles --disable-oss --disable-sdl --disable-ffmpeg --disable-vg --disable-cg --enable-neon --enable-floathard
sudo make


Try these ones