Pocket Chip Setup Script (Install Cool Communitty Programs in a Single Script!)



Been toying around with pocket chip since I first got it, and I instantly fell in love. But, after playing with it, and then losing it all to the 4.4 update, I thought it would be nice to have a single script to re-install all of the hard work I did hunting down guides, blog posts, and fixes to all the things I installed. So I made a little script to re-install everything!

I just finished testing this on both my chip that I was testing this script on originally, and a fresh chip to ensure the script worked as expected. Feel free to report any bugs on this thread, or the github repo. If I may mention however, I go to school full-time, and work a job, so I will get to you as soon as I can!

Here’s the repo (And I am open to contributions!): https://github.com/torch2424/pocketChipScripts

How to use

Please note the link,http://bit.ly/2gJ9ZJy, refers to v1.0.2. You can get the link to the latest .zip release here
And the “cd pocketChipScripts” will have “-1.0.VERSIONTAGHERE” at the end

wget -O pocketChipScripts.zip http://bit.ly/2gJ9ZJy
unzip pocketChipScripts.zip
cd pocketChipScripts

You should then be greeted by an interactive bash script that will help you update, upgrade and install packages on your pocket chip! :slight_smile:

Available Packages / Functionality (v1.0.1)

Before I start, please let me start by saying that I could not have made this with out the chip communitty. You guys are doing great work for chip so far, and a lot of this is just piggy-backing off of that. So thank you! These are the available installations that are within the script, with the appropriate link and credit to the user/developer who posted them originally. If no link is provided, it means that I wrote the script myself, or I forgot to include the link. If you feel like I forgot to give you credit, please let me know, and I can include a link to your post ASAP. These references can also be found within the source code.


Please take note of a few things.

  • Some packages will take a very long time to build, since they are being built from source
  • I suggest you have the new 4.4 pocket chip 3d alpha update, as some scripts will not work without it
  • Some packages like PCSX come with some pocket chip fixes already built into the script
  • The Samba created can be found in the /home/chip/chipSamba directory, and the URL smb://chip
  • Pocket SNES is still a work in progress, I would like to improve the controls before giving it my full thumbs up.

Anyways, I hope you guys find this useful, and hopefully we can keep this up to date with all of the cool guides popping up around pocket chip!

Stay Groovy!



Have you checked the script @Iker and I made?

Maybe you can find something useful there (and vice versa)


Note: Next Thing Co. Doom Install found at: [APT] Pocket Home (Marshmallow edition)

What version are you installing, is it better?

Would you like to Updating/Upgrading pocket chip? (y/n) This is worded strangely, thought it was asking did I want to install, not did I want to run apt-get update/apt-get upgrade .


2016-12-13 19:01:08 (18.0 MB/s) - ‘snes.patch’ saved [2536/2536]

patching file Makefile
Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n] Apply anyway? [n]

??? What should I answer?



Yes, the SNES script is still a work in progress, just press “y”, and then “enter” for its questions :slight_smile:


Oops I ran as root, not wall these are owned by root a check/warning might be a good idea.


Yeah, I will create github issues for all the things you mentioned, and fix them when I can :slight_smile:



This is super cool! Yeah, actually, some of my emulator install fix some bugs (Such as the font being too large for the pcsx install), I can make some contributions in my free time, or vice versa!

Totally wish I had found this when I was searching through the forums, it look super cool, and I’ll have to try it out!


Hi @torch2424,

I think it would be great if we could collaborate. The first idea that I have is split what they do, let’s say: PocketInstaller is mainly games (we added Pocket Home cause it’s really useful and we want to add custom icons :smiley: ), while Pocket Chip Setup Script could be more program/utilities focused.

How does it look like to you?

I think that the cool thing of this is having different approaches to the same result but also that both scripts would be more useful if they don’t overlap.

Great job, mate. We’ll keep in touch.


Thanks! Honesty, I wouldn’t mind having yours do both, why make usres download two things?

I simply wrote some shell scripts so It shouldnt be too hard to fork, and transfer my scripts over there. I could simply change up my readme to link to your repo :slight_smile:

The only thing I think I’d need to look into, is how to have seperate sections on your GUI but after that, we should be good to go!

Also, I made a nice little bash library type thing: https://github.com/torch2424/pocketChipScripts/blob/v1.0.2/util/utilFunctions.sh

I think we can both find it very helpful!


We didn’t want to do anything other than emulators and games to have a limited scope. You know, “do one thing, and do it well”. :blush:

But I think our projects will totally benefit from the synergies. I hope our code can, at least, serve you to improve your project in any way!

Glad to hear about what you’re doing. This is such a wonderful community. :heart_eyes:


It’s ok having two if the do install separate things. Even if they do the same, this is a free community :grinning:

The problem is that both are really different. Even though I want, once we make a new release with automatic icons, to take some time to improve completelly the code to be as clear and simple as possible I don’t expect it to change its essence. Also I don’t expect you to do that with yours.

Anyway, I think we could benefit one from each others ideas.




Tested your script last night on my new PocketCHIP, works great! Thanks man!


Great script, saves a bunch of time.

The link for Quake III points to a thread about installing Quake II. I think this might be different than the code that the script actually installs.


Glad it worked out! You are welcome :slight_smile:



Oh thank you fr that head’s up, There’s alot of links I had to look through, and a few got mixed up, it definitely installs Quake 3, as I tested it myself, It’s just I put the wrong link haha.

I made an issue on the github: https://github.com/torch2424/pocketChipScripts/issues/4

Thank you!


@Dmian @Iker

Congrats on making it on the Blog guys! http://blog.nextthing.co/pocketinstaller-simplifies-installing-games-applications-to-pocketc-h-i-p/

Yes, I definitely think We can benefit from one another! Once I have the time, I’d like to bring some of my scripts over to you guys?

Such as my PCSX script works preety well, and the Samba server is VERY handy for transferring games and files to the pocket chip.

I’m actually working on bringing the PCSX script over to pocket installer now, you may see a PR soon!


Is there a unified rom direcotry? Ie roms\snes, roms\gba, roms\scumvm being created and all the emulators pointed to it? If not, I’d suggest looking into doing this going forward, makes it so much easier than looking all over the place for roms. And later if there are 3 emulators that support SNES you don’t end up with 3 copies of them.


Well be creating a directory (based on the Mednafen one: ROMs > XXX) automatically in the near future.

@torch2424 Thanks! :blush:
I’m really happy. :grin:


Yeah, with only 4 gigs of storage, loss/misplaced roms could quickly become a problem.