PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October


Some of the Raspberry Pi products have had similar schedule slips:

Raspberry Pi delivery delays leave buyers hungry (and angry)

RPi Zero Shipment Schedule thread from 6 months after product intro

The BeagleBone Black had a ~6 month backlog at shortly after introduction: Dude, where’s my BeagleBone Black?

From personal experience, I ordered a BeagleBone Black in January of 2014 and didn’t get it until July. I finally got my hands on a Raspberry Pi Zero (introduced November 2015) a couple weeks ago, though that was partly due to not being willing to pay a premium for a starter kit with stuff I didn’t need.

Also from personal experience, the CHIP is the first such SBC that I’ve bought, played with, and then placed a second order for more of the same (due in October, but we’ll see). The combination of features and price point are remarkable in an increasingly crowded market.


Right on. In fact, I’d say that most of the complainers have no idea how product development works. When you’re doing something that hasn’t been done before, or doing something old in a new way, sometimes things don’t work out like those nice, neat little plans that everyone expects to be followed to the letter.

That’s 30 years of hardware/firmware development experience speaking.

Rock on, NTC. I’m developing a product around C.H.I.P., which shows my faith in your future.


Exactly. They’re still sorting out some manufacturing problems with providers, so they don’t have available stock yet (at least no CHIP stock).


I discovered PocketCHIP without knowing there was a Kickstarter campaign. The site itself said the PocketCHIP would be in stock the day after I ran across it. So I ordered one. Within a few days I got an email that clearly described that it’d be delayed, and why it’d be delayed and gave some estimates on when I could expect delivery. Those estimated dates came and went.

That email was over a month ago. There’s been no direct communication to me about my order since then. I’ve asked privately and publicly for an updated estimate and I’ve heard nothing.

I think it’s fair for me, as someone who wasn’t a Kickstarter backer, to assume ordering a product that was a day away from being in stock should result in a delivery of that product. I fully understand that unexpected volume can make things difficult as well, and that I contributed to that volume.

That doesn’t mean I should be sitting here, more than a month later, without the haziest of clues as to when this product I ordered will arrive. Probably the only thing stopping me from contacting my credit card company is that I’ve held the final product in my hand. I have friends who’ve received their PocketCHIPs. I know it’s real and I know it’s worth waiting for. It’s that very “realness” that makes not knowing when I’ll see mine even more frustrating.

So NTC, can you help us non-Kickstarter backers know when we might see our PocketCHIPs?


You’re not alone @buffington I’m in the same position. In fact I have been almost waiting SIX months for a Pocket plus a regular CHIP.
I ordered sometime around late April, back when the Pi Zero was released and was impossible to find in stock anywhere. At the time I figured it would be nice to pre-order this $9 computer while I waited for production of the zero to match demand. After they missed the June estimate I started to get worried.
However, the forums sort of eased my feelings and the July address confirmation kinda got me a bit excited again. Now I have to wait until October! I emailed NTC a couple weeks ago with in the next day they replied. They simply restated that Pockets with CHIPs are shipping Mid-October. No real dates, hell I didn’t even get a tracking number for my order.
It has almost been half a year since I order, this truly is a disappointment especially since its still a estimate and not a confirmed ship date. Oh well I guess I have a knack for these type of pre-order kickstarter nerd toys, since I just pre-ordered the AdruBoy and their boards are like a carbon copy of NTC’s besides the fact there seems to be more people that actually have a AdruBoy. smh my rant.


hi quick question has anyone with chips dips and pocket chips been getting there order yet


I wasn’t a backer, ive had mine almost two months it’s a new company its young and it’s learning help them learn not browbeat them for unforeseen or problems. I love the early 70’s hobbies community feel of sbc’s especially chip.


I was a kickstarter backer and I was pretty pleased with the amount of communication from that stage of the CHIPs lifecycle. I ordered two units and they came within what I would say is a reasonable timeframe for a kickstarter. I have since ordered two more CHIPs and I am thinking about ordering a Pocket CHIP and a couple more CHIPs. For me, CHIP is the perfect combination of price point, power/specs, and connectivity in a small package.

I agree with those here that want more communication from NTC. It would be nice if anyone that had an outstanding order was alerted to a change in expected shipment dates with a link to the forum post that discusses the current status. I have run a small business so I know that it can be hard to fit everything into a day but communication with your customers should be paramount followed directly by setting expectations for new orders on the NTC web store. I think it should be more clear when placing an order that you will have to confirm your address before you order ships. If that email had gone to junk mail then I may never have received the product.

I still have faith in NTC and so far I really love their product but I would like to see an improvement in the communication plan going forward before I spend too much time recommending the CHIP to others.


I ordered my CHIP in February and have not received it. I prefer to get a later model with the bugs worked out, so I am in no rush. But I am still waiting.


Looks like that mid october promise has slipped a little:

Pre-orders on or before September 14, 2016 are estimated to ship by the end of October.


I like the “70’s hobby community” feel too, but let’s not kid ourselves - when you have nearly 40,000 backers put up over $2M and continue to allow pre-orders on your site, you’re a business that sells products.

I’m no business school graduate, but I’m pretty sure that when a customer gives you money for a product it’s reasonable for that customer to expect some sort of idea of when that product will be delivered.

What I’m asking for is totally reasonable. It’s reasonable to ask for, and receive, an updated estimate for when orders placed will be shipped. It’d be nice if someone from NTC took the effort, or hired someone who could, to do that. Maybe @elevenarms could since he started this thread?


Well all i can say is mid october is best estimate


it now says end of october


So… how long before it says November?


Thanks for the update I can’t wait for my c.h.i.ps to come in the mail. Only one thing I am wondering though. Do you get an email asking me to confirm my address when my chip is about to ship or when I placed my order because I haven’t received anything after ordering specifically asking for an address confirmation and I just wanted to make sure my email didn’t accidentally not send


It’s doesn’t seem right to me…


My orders(chip + pocket chip) got delayed twice and there came a notice stating if I want to cancel my chip, the pocket chip will be shipped faster. So I wrote an email requesting to cancel my chip order so that my pocket chip can be shipped faster. The cancellation went well but no one cares to give me an answer of when my pocket chip will be shipped, after two weeks past my cancelation request.

This is not the way to treat a customer that still decide to stay with pocket chip!


It looks like it already does on the main page. :frowning:


@Shinymonk A lot of people do not get the email telling them they need to confirm their address, but you still can go to http://track.getchip.com and fill in the details to log in, and see the status of your order. The page will just ask you to confirm your address, and not show any new information until the shipping label has been printed. How long ago did you place your order? I know that some people try going to the tracking site before their order information has been uploaded, and then get worried that maybe their order got lost, when it just may take a few days for the computer systems to talk with each other.

If you get really worried, you can always email ahoyahoy@nextthing.co, but I suggest not doing that until you see whether your order has been registered at the tracking site. I am losing track about shipping times, I think it is time for NTC to post an updated shipping schedule, instead of just saying “on time” and that CHIPs will start shipping again in October. But they will not try to ship your order unless you have confirmed your shipping address.


Thank you very much for the info. I was able to get My address confirmed, and can’t wait till I see my chip in route