PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October


@Shinymonk that is great. They won’t send out an email until the parcel actually ships, but you can watch it’s progress until then by keeping a tab open on your tracking page. It should magically change to show information when the label gets printed, and then you see each step.


Does anyone remember when the pre-order page first went up?


Not sure, ordered mine in late May of this year if that helps.


Yeah ordered mine quite some time ago, was one of the earlier preorders


Pre-order opened on November 30, 2015. Since that I’m waiting for my CHIP to be delivered.


Hi @xtacocorex, I started a new post in response. Would love to hear your thoughts:


My CHIP’s were ordered in February, 2016 and I received a confirm mailing address notice which I confirmed. On June 28, 2016 I received an email saying that Canadian shipments are held until the Canada Post work issue is resolved. Is this still an issue? We are still getting mail and miscellaneous packages sent from all over the world. I am pretty patient with the delay but thought it best to check, wondering if my CHIP’s are sitting somewhere.


Your original confirmation mail should contain a link that will tell you the status of your order. Mine, also placed in February, is currently expected to ship in November.


I really hope that they do start sending CHIPs this month…


My landmark global tracking page has not changed still since… Last Updated: 2016-09-01 06:51 pm

almost 40 days sitting in the Location: Hong Kong, HON processed spot, i hate to sound angry here and i really am not! i still have faith in this device and i cannot wait to play with it but holy crap this is the worst shipping ever.


Mine did the same.
In Hong Kong from agust 31th.
Then all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago it returned in “pending” status and nexthhing help desk told me that they had some trouble with the shipping and that they’ll send my pocket chip using a new courier.
It still is in pending status as of today.


oh wow that sucks :open_mouth: did they contact you or did you contact them first?


The more amusing thing to me now is… After waiting for their base product to be sent… It has already been outdated with their next release of the pro…

So basically your delaying sending what is meant to be your bread and butter supply and instead spend time working on the next version… So what i will receive (if i ever receive it)… is already old and out of date…

You keep making me wonder how the hell you run this company…


IMHO, No, CHIP Pro serves a very different market niche than CHIP.

For all of the projects I currently have in mind both personal use and for my employer the original CHIP (or RasPi 3) is the correct choice. In the future I may come up with designs that are better suited to CHIP Pro.


I agree. The use cases for CHIP and the Pro are very different.

I ordered more CHIPs long with my Pro dev kit. I am sure I will find uses for both.


I’ve contacted them first.

Inviato da iPhone


This isn’t true at all read the page about the pro while yes its smaller it has less I/O (no built on USB, 3.5mm , ect) has less ram and way less nand storeage. So for normal chip users the pro is not a upgrade in any way. Its mentioned for a different market. More targeted at people to use it as a part of a bigger project. I still think they should have found a better name for it. But there is nothing wrong with the chip that is being shipped to.you it is still the best chip on the block.


The name makes sense but since the blackberry, people have been conditioned to think Pro means better, Apple is really guilty of it as well. I think even microsoft has been guilty with the way overpriced $urface tablets


Is the NAND driver fixed yet?
It’s past mid October.
If not OK, these things take time.


Yes the modified NAND driver passed all tests.