PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October


yeah i agree the name pro has been made to be the better more upgraded version of something but in this case the name pro is meant to be like the business option to order it in large quantities and put something in production using the chip pro


ok thanks for replying! i will send em a msg i think here soon.


Sit back and relax my arse!

Ordered so long ago - half the shit I ordered I don’t even need! Like I only had 3 HDMI cables back in June - now I’ve got like a dozen!

Anyway - I’m not really too pissed off - just being a tad facetious… :wink:


Did anyone else receive a “Your CHIP is almost ready to ship” email?


I got one about a week and half ago, I’m hoping to get a your CHIP has shipped email in the next week and a half.


Let’s hope we are lucky and they arrive soon.


Ordered my chip and accessories on june 22nd, been given multiple shipping dates, first “mid” october, now “end” of october. I know it will arrive, but it’s just become disappointing to even visit the forum at this point.


I received such mail on Oct 11 indicating that my February order was expected to ship this week or next.


And did they at least print your address? I mean are you able to still update it? If you can’t, then they’ve printed your adress sticker.

I think there will be another delay, because it seems like nobody got any CHIP sent yet…



Lucky guy, I pre-ordered my C.H.I.P. in November last year. I will celebrate the one year anniversary the missing shipment opening a $9 champagne.



yeah unless if they are shipped in the next four days it might take longer lets just hope end on october literally means end of october in there plans and it not allready past the date they were planning on shipping


Now at least I have a tracking number of landmark global and ‘No pending shipment’ status.


I just love the fact that they do not response on this thread or try to do any form of social interaction…

Lets just let this thread grow and appear like NTC are not taking their customers serious…


Yeah, the total lack of communication is not reassuring. I placed orders on july 8th and september 8th. I got a “almost ready to ship”/“please confirm your mailing address” notice on october 11th. In that it said “begin shipping on October 25th and continue through November 3rd”. It’s now October 26th. I think there’s no doubt that they haven’t begun shipping 'cause I’m sure they’d post some fabulous sounding update once they do. Sigh.


Agreed, im just waiting for the next “Excuse email”



and if i check “track.getchip.com”… it makes me depressed because it askes me to confirm my address again and i know they have not even started to care to fix this issue…


Dude I place my order in March some people place their order in December and still haven’t gotten their CHiT, I’ve gotten two emails to confirm my address and still nothing

See: Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production