PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October


I did!


Woo! My 2 PocketCHIPs and 2 extra CHIPs have shipping info! Thanks @elevenarms and crew!


My chip order is still showing as pending shipment, but what has me concerned is my hdmi card and case are not even showing as existing and I’ve received the invoice thingy in my email.


= November now, so where be my C.H.I.P.?


Check track.getchip.com. If it still says “Confirm You Address” by November 3, NTC screwed you over and your order will be delayed again…


Thanks, mine address is COMFERMED.
I ordered in July, so was told I’d get it by end of October, = yesterday.

Also waiting for Charmed Comic season 10 vol. 2 @ ½ November, = nr. 1 year I’ve waited for that now. Any bets on which’ll get here 1st?


So… i had to manually check track.getchip.com as i get NO email notifications … This time around it shows as being in shipping… Also via landmarkglobal which if i am mistaken is not the freight company that was being used by NTC?? I cant find the original thread about the changes to postage and supported countries…

But hey, NTC… so far you surprised me as i was expecting this to be for xmas next year…

Honestly… Visit your own forum, Post and communicate with your community or you will lose it. And clean up the tracking page so it does not confuse people to what is happening… Confirm the address once(make it obvious this has to be done) then offer a option of “change address”… I hate the 12hour valid email link sent to me even thought i have an account… That whole process feels like a password reset every time…


Looks like my stuff is on the way, FINALLY!! I’m pretty sure I didn’t receive an email about this though, I loaded up the tracking page to check my order status.

Can’t wait to finally get my grubby hands on this thing, hope the wait was worth it :smiley:


Finally got an updated tracking page my shipment was showing as pending cause its aparently 2 ships a chip in one bag and an hdmi board and case in the other lol


I am fairly sure that if a user i interesting in this product, They can figure out how emails work… Just saying…


yay finally my shipping data has been uploaded


Mine too!! :slight_smile:


Happy to see that my stuff is on the way, !
I’m pretty sure I didn’t receive an email about this though.

However, I loaded up the tracking page to check my order status and I found an obious error on the shippment adress. They forgot the street name and number… Paris, FRANCE is not enough for an adress…

I hope it will reach the destination ! Can you help with this issue ?


It only shows city and state on the tracking page to keep people from logging into it and finding out your information I’m coming to your house and stealing your precious precious chips


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: please don’t come !
Thank’s for the reply !!!


Like others posting today I didn’t received an email but a manual check shows my order starting its journey to me.


My Pocketchip has been sent, Order dated 18.10.2016 :heart_eyes:

You get no mail as confirmation of delivery


yeah same i only seen the tracking from going on track.getchip.com and havent recived any email


Afaik, they’ve had their share of problems with confirmation emails…


Hi Dmian. You were Spanish right? How long did it take for your order to get the “Scanned at Landmark Crossdock Facility” status from “Processed”? Thank you!