PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October


just got my scanned at landmark crossdock update, dont be discouraged! i had to contact them and it appeared it was lost in transit for a bit.look at the dates. 60 days! i am sure it will be faster for most others tho.

finally tho almost in my hands.


And how did you contact them? Just in case…


Let me see if I can quote me correctly:

It worked! :grin:


What a lucky guy ! Order date 31 May for me


i used the ahoyahoy@nextthing.co email on the front page.


But did yours get stuck in “Processed” for a few days? I’m starting to worry, because everyone else’s seem to be in “Processed” for a day at most (except for @eighties (thank you, btw)).


Looks like there’s another lucky guy here:


As I have read here, there were problems in the production and had to be examined only because of the delays.

Loud tracking everything looks good I also already see the carrier: DPD

Hope times by Landmark everything is regulated with customs & taxes,


Hi, I’m Spanish too. Mine took from 01/09 (Shipment data uploaded, did not receive email till a few days later, though) to 17/09. Looking again at tracking site, looks like it was in processed from 02/09 to 06/09. However I can tell you, that it was stuck there for more days and then I got the updates at once. Keep calm, it will arrive. Good luck with customs!



Yes. It got stuck a couple times, “Processed” was one. And after it reached Spain, I had no more info until it arrived at my door.


Actual tracking status of my C.H.I.P. is

Departure to country of destination - Belgium

Shipping address Budapest, Hungary


Mine was cleared by UK customs yesterday (Shipping address Budapest, Hungary too)


Thanks, @Iker and @Dmian. Let’s hope I’m just being paranoid and my CHIP arrives perfectly as well.


Mine was cleared by UK customs yesterday (Shipping address Budapest, Hungary too)

Destination Belgium too?


At Landmark I can read:

Shipped to:
Budapest, XXXX*

*XXXX of course you can see the real postal code here :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you for this coment. My shipment was processed the 31st for October. I will wait 2 weeks. If it’s not processed, can you tell me how did you contact them ? Just in case.

Thank you


Mine is just like yours, except the last update occurred on 2016-10-31 10:23 am (UTC+01:00).
He said he contacted them through ahoyahoy@nextthing.co


Thank you for the information. I will wait a bit before contacting them.


Received shipping information as of yesterday, currently in transit to the carrier hub. Still scheptical about it’s arrival.


My hangs also still in the Processed 2016-11-03 04:59 am

I guess it comes by ship to Europe:smile: