PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October


I guess too :smile: . However, for your information mine was scanned at landmark crossdock two days ago. I’ll tell you if I have more information. Good luck !


My C.H.I.P. was shipped on October 26 from Hung Kong and received in hand on November 7 in Budapest, Hungary.


Got mine. 10/28 China, 11/7 New York… any day now…


I have already thought that 1 month lasts like the china Post: P

The genuinely still container ship for the transport


Mine was packaged in Hong Kong on Thursday 27th October and was delivered to me here in the U.K. (England) on Friday 4th November, which I thought was quite good!

That was just for a C.H.I.P. and a case… I thought a composite cable would automatically be included also, but it wasn’t!

Mind you it was a pre-order which I placed on 31st December 2015, so that’s not so good either! :disappointed:


I asked about the cable after i ordered mine so thats why i had to order an hdmi board,


The kickstarter edition included the case and the composite cable but the current version just includes the board.

They should make it clear on the website since if you find CHIP via the kickstarter you may get the wrong impression.


Hi everybody,
im watching the tracking page and in
shipping address i can see only city and state
without name and address (image provided)
Is it normal?
I’ve confirmed my address following the link
provided by aoyaoy’s mail and all data was fine.
Thank you for your help

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Yes they edit out the details for your security


Thank you, i was a little bit scared ^,^


Hey look, i finally got an email from NTC a week after it actually was done in the warehouse…


yeah thats about the time they sent me one i got it when if left warehouse going to carrier hub


For me here in australia, i was able to put the tracking number into australia post as it has been registered with them. The default tracking site i dont think will show much more info apart from when it has been received.


My 1st set of CHIPs were ordered in early July (I think) and shipped from HK 10/28 and arrive today 11/11 in Virginia, USA. My 2nd set - ordered 2 months later - shipped HK yesterday. I ordered a new soldering iron in celebration.

I just killed a tree with Kolban’s book on the CHIP - worth every penny, although the dead tree might disagree - and look forward to reading it again with CHIPs in hand.

I have a host of projects waiting on these: Predix edge device with dockerized image, a python-based robotics platform with a lightweight ROS clone, a CHIP bramble, Some security “tools” and some visual machine learning experiments for auto safety. I may see if I can test one of these for near space and launch it. And some experiments with mesh networking for covert communications and citizen protection.

I also have some PIs and other chips to test and compare with, so more news soon - just slowly.


Mine finally, arrived today to Portugal. It was shipped on October 31. I didn’t had to pay any taxes or extra duties!
Already Powered on the CHIP, and getting the pocket chip to charge the battery.


Mine is stuck at “Received at international processing center” since Nov 10th… Should I be afraid that something went wrong?


yay i got mine today! did the flash update and all the keys are good knocks on wood very happy!


Shouldn’t we call them bags not brambles?



Mine is stuck at “Received at international processing center” since Nov 10th… Should I be afraid that something went wrong?


Not at all!
Don’t worry, it’ll arrive soon. :wink: