PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October


Same, I’d buy an 8 gig CHIP as long as it’s not the MLC- I’ve heard that it is slower and doesn’t last as long.


Chip bag - I like that!

Poker: chip trays, chip cases, chip carousels, chip stack

What other cools names are there?


Mine finally arrived a couple of weeks ago!


My package arrived yesterday!

Ordered 7/19, shipment data uploaded 11/1, packaged & processed 11/3, arrive USA 11/14, delivered 11/19. So far everything I’ve tried is working great. I’m very impressed with the all the products and packaging, attractive, fun & functional, very well done NTC!


lol I was hoping for one of the little boxes.


Did they change the box format?


I think only the kickstarter ones came in a box. The current ones come in printed anti-static bags.


Ok, thanks!


wu hu


Exactly! :grinning:


DOH! Got email saying its been delivered! But I don’t have the mothertruckers in my hands!


Well - it (packet of chips) was sitting on receptionist’s desk!

Dangit! The USB wall warts are NOT Australian compatible! I assumed NTC would figure out where you were sending them to and put Aussie power connectors on them! (and not just Australia, also NZ and South Africa - and few European countries have the same power plugs)… Heck - often times when I buy stuff off e-bay they throw in adaptors or include Australian style ones…

No use to me really - I guess I could go out and buy travel adaptors? But what a PITA!
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Bugger that! $13 for travel adaptors? For a $9 computer? Wouldn’t have bought them if I’d known this…


Hi all !
Stuck in Shipment Data Uploaded
since 2016-11-09 12:43 am
Anyone else ?
From your experiences,
will it arrives before xmas ? ^.^


Ordered 4 mini travel adaptors off ebay for $1.50 including shipping - it will probably take an eternity for them to get here - but better than paying $13 each to make my $12 wallwart work with my $9 computer…

How the CAPITAL F do JB-HiFi and/or Woolworths/Coles expect to sell stuff like this at such artificially inflated prices?

While at the same time, these massive supermarket chains are breaking farmers backs by UNDERPRICING the staples of life like bread and milk!


So are the ones off eBay good quality?


Would not have a clue mate! Only ordered them yesterday - I’m guessing a few weeks at least to get here… then probably get stuck in the Quristmas Queue…


Yeah unfortunately. Well, good luck!


The ebay ones i bet would fail at providing the rated amps, they prop are showing more of a rms type rating… As for how JB-Hi-Fi and other keep their sales… Because of people like me who order online, forgot one item when it arrives and do not want to wait another week for a cheaper part…

Though these days i more or less just use jaycar and i agree that ordering a wall pack from NTC and them ending one that is not for your country… Seems rather “well you should read the small print because we wont tell you that your wasting money” type treatment… Chuck them back on ebay… but i would be to lazy to post them and end up stripping them for parts.


“The point is, if this is too hard for you… Give up now and change to another device where you feel more at home.”



Hello everyone .
I payed for a single Chip on the 14/11/2016 and got notification that
it has arrived in Australia today from Hong Kong .
Verifying my order set everything in motion so I should receive
the Chip within the next couple of days ( so they do exist ) !.
Thank you Next Thing Co.