PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October


That’s great!


Well i just cant wait for them to up the order quantity … Allows only max of 5 per check out… So did two checkouts this morning… So soon i shall a total of 20… no where enough, but 5 already and 15 more on the way…

I’m use to other boards like the pi, pcduino and many mini-itx boards but these so far i find the best just due to the cost and wifi built in… I really wish they sold a prototype board for this… Guess i’ll etch some boards when i am bored… Girlfriend hates when i use our iron to transfer circuits onto the board.


Crap that means the ones of mine they processed on the 25th still have more than a week to get here. ;-(


It depends on when you ordered them. I ordered when they were still using the original cheaper but slower shipping service. If your order was after the middle of September they will come by DHL which is supposed to be about 9 days faster than my shipping took.


I got one at kickstart, ordered 3 more a few days after you did, Crossing border and in transit to carrier hub 2016-11-28 12:47 am is the last tracking thing, so from your numbers think I’m a week or more out. I ordered 2 more pocket chips, and 3 more chips on cybermonday, with fast shipping or whatever, still haven’t gotten a notice at all on them.


SWampy , you have to go further into the tracking site
to find out what is going on. I am on a lot of other forums
as well . On this forum everybody has to help everyone else
to make it work . Let’s show the rest of them how to make it work
by everyone submitting something that makes it work better than
any other forum . We have the latest ,and best, product . So
make it work for you . Ask every question , their are no stupid
questions ,only misinformed answers . TOP JOB NTC.


Crossing border is the longest part of the trip basically it left Hong Kong and is on its way to for example cheektokugawaiesu New York after that it gets funny I watched my pocket chip drive past me twice


I ordered 5 more chips on Nov 16, and paid extra for the 3-5 day express shipping. It said processing takes 10 days, so it should have arrived by now. I opened a ticket, but no one has gotten back to me. Can I please get an update?


I am 12 days after ordering with no shipping confirmation yet (I also paid for the express shipping, to get it in time for the holiday) so I would also appreciate any updates that can come out way.


Check track.getchip.com


half these problems / posts would not be an issue if clear consistant emails where sent with any order… Explaining how to check/track your order. as for the email with subject Package incoming from Next Thing Company! Get Excited!

This really could do with a change…

Shipping times can vary greatly, but are right around 2 weeks on average this confused me, is it one or the other…

(Next Thing Co. owed you a shipment. This is to let you know we're making good and it’s on the way!) well i would hope so… This does not sound professional at all…

Dont take this as an attack NTC, just some feedback…
Simply, your order/tracking/emailing process really does need an redesign


Tracking doesn’t say anything except ‘pending shipment’ & it didn’t even say that until I confirmed my address (which nothing in the order process told me to do & an official NTC forum post says isn’t required anymore).


Hopefully it ships, if it doesn’t, email ahoyahoy@nextthing.co


An update on my shipping situation. So, my friend also order 5 CHIPs the day after me and DID NOT pay extra for express shipping. He just called and said he received it in the mail. we both live in the same city, literally walking distance from each other. Where did my order go???

I did check track.getchip.com (weeks ago) and all it says is the she shipment is pending - and that status has not changed


That’s just awful. I would demand a refund on the express-shipping costs.


Did our email them? They will give you a refund.


I did email them asking for a refund of the express shipping - but I never received a reply. I sent them another email today with an update on the situation.


Ok. Hopefully you hear back soon! They have a lot of people emailing them, so expect to wait a few days.


Got a shipping confirmation now, took 13-14 days. Looks like I will have a new toy for the holiday :slight_smile: