PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October


Non logical logistics. Mine went to the uk, then Belgium and now its marked as dispatched to destination country for 2 days… with 2 flights from Belgium daily I can’t understand how long this is taking.


Thank you for the information. Having received my two Pocket CHIPs which help me test the system I’m designing, I can fortunately wait on the 9 stand-alone CHIPs which were meant for a test network.

I wish others had the benefit of being able to wait, but I know that everyone doesn’t. I hope those for whom it is urgent can find solutions sooner. Me, I can now write code and deal with hardware later.


Does Next Thing have some type of Foundation?
I would consider buying two Chips, one to break and and one to give away.

Probably buy two to give away, I already own two I’ve been trying to break.
I have already learned more than I wanted to know about Windows 10 drivers, VirtualBox, and Vagrant.
Good new, I can have CHIP display “Hello World”


Mine also went to Belgium.
I live in Japan.
What has happened???


No worries, as with mine it was routed through Belgium but then came back round very quickly via EMS. They deliver even on a Sunday, which was when I received mine.

It’s the way the previous shipping partner (Landmark Global) routed the parcels. Mine went via Belgium Post (BPost) and it was EMS, very safe and fast and best of all, NO TAXES!


Which brings me to the next point, I tried to order a few more chips and accessoires but now I can’t because my country is NOT LISTED anymore as a shipping option. Not happy!

Then I read they change shipping partner to DHL which is one of the worst (in fact any courier Fedex, UPS etc. is just as bad) because the WILL charge TAX or some stupid SURCHARGE (fuel, admin, etc.) for every shipment even when it is not taxable. But anyway it does not matter to me anymore because I can’t even buy anything from the shop.

I don’t know why Next Co. decided to do this. So stupid.


My PChip just arrived :smiley: I think it worth waiting. Really nice stuff :slight_smile:


I suspect it’s because of the tremendous number of complaints about Landmark from users.


I tried to order a few more chips and accessoires but now I can’t because my country is NOT LISTED anymore as a shipping option. Not happy!

People complaining about Landmark caused this? Such insane!


Why my country (Portugal) isn’t listed anymore? I bought a chip and a pocket chip to start a home automation project. After the first tests i need to buy more units! I pretty sure DHL works in Portugal, they deliver packages to my warehouse everyday.
This is starting to get on my nerves it was to ship August,8 then September, then mid-October, now it says End-October. Now you don’t ship to my country anymore? what happens to my order?


Hungary is also dropped. Looks like my single CHIP ordered in November 2015 will not be delivered in October. They invented a new argument to delay shipment again.


To ensure the best possible shipping experience, we are only accepting new pre-orders shipping to the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States (these countries account for nearly 90% of our pre-orders to date). Existing pre-orders outside of these countries will still be shipped, just not via DHL.

The last part says to me that we will receive it here, in Hungary just we cannot make new orders till they find out something.


Recieved in France. Cool and enjoy.


Just recieved my PoketChip. Keep up the good work!


So this update says PocketCHIPs are shipping on time but regular CHIPs are delayed because production problems.

But PocketCHIP includes a removable CHIP as one of the parts, so in order to send customer a PocketCHIP you need to somehow manufacture a CHIP first.

Why doesn’t NAND issue affect those?
Do they only ship PocketCHIPs because they only make profit on $69?


Stange. I orderet to Hungary at 26th of May and my PChip arriver this monday…Hope they won’t drop it from the shipping list cuz i want to order mooore :slight_smile:


As I understand it, the limited quantity of NAND from the original manufacturer was all allocated to making CHIPs for the PocketCHIP production line. The larger supply of NAND from the additional manufacturer was allocated for the bare CHIP production line so the hold up while testing the modified driver for the new NAND only held up the bare CHIP production line.


if any one cancels, send me their order. I love the chip and I’ll take more :slight_smile:


I got my tracking info on 2016-08-31 and according to the shipping its stuck still in processed in hong kong and looking at others post the same info theres went through a lot faster! i guess my question is when should i start worrying? is anyone else in my situation?

Since September 21 no activity after "Customs cleared"

Yes, I am in the same situation :disappointed: (see Landmark Global tracking). My tracking information has not been updated in over 2 weeks. My order is destined for Canada, so I am hoping it is just stuck in customs. Where is your order destined for?