PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October


oh man thanks for replying! and reading your link i guess kind of makes me feel a little better? haha i dunno trying to stay positive here! but yeah mine is destined for california.


My first worry with this… Is every time i visit the track page and enter my email, it re-generates the confirm address email.
SO does this mean that each time i check, i’m putting myself back in the queue because the system can not remember that i’ve already confirmed my delivery address multiple times.

Further more, If you have someone pay you money… Do not then request they confirm the address, This step was not even highlighted until visiting the tracking page… Some people may order and wait, not having confirmed their address.

While this is the first delay, having ordered 5 chips for a serious project testing… I’m more so these days hoping the Raspberry Pi Zero starts to show in stock these days.

This website should really be setup to be more user friendly, i feel like i am going through loops just to keep me distracted until the possible chance that an item I’ve ordered is actually sent. My two other work colleagues are in the same boat wondering w.t.f


I’m new to all this…
What does C.H.I.P. stand for, and what is NAND Software…
Irrelevantly, I’ll probably order one after more thought into this…


@Mayhem They put this procedure in place of confirming your shipping address for pre-orders because so many, many people are likely to need their parcels sent elsewhere, given the delays of up to many months. This is to insure that parcels go to the right address. I agree it is a little silly if you just ordered a few days ago, but they have not programmed into their system anything that will check how recently you confirmed your address.

Basically, every time you go to http://track.getchip.com, up until the point at which your address label has been printed, you are given the option of changing your shipping address. You don’t have to reconfirm it if you have already confirmed it, and I agree, it also would be better if this was spelled out more clearly with the order confirmation emails, as well as on the tracking website.

Yes, some people have fallen into the situation of not having gotten the email that says you have to confirm your shipping address, and end up coming here or emailing NTC, finding out that is what they have to do - the confirmation. Yeah, a lot of things could be set up better, but they have done the best they can with a tiny staff, trying to focus efforts on what things seem most critical. But what do we expect for a $9 computer board from a start-up company?


@jimjim The official answer to your question about what C.H.I.P. stands for is in the FAQ on the C.H.I.P. documentation page at http://docs.getchip.com/chip.html, where they say:

What does CHIP stand for?
  We're curious to hear what you think ;)
About NAND, I googled for an answer about what it is - and I am still bit befuddled - basically some special kind of memory.


I know what NAND gates are, but not NAND software…
Are they saying that there’s a software problem, controlling the NAND gates??
This is why proofreaders are needed…


@jimjim apparently the NAND storage on the new hardware from Toshiba (read elevenarms post at the start of this topic), when they tested it, there were quality control issues, so software needed revision. Since this topic is basically about shipping and availability, you might want to post a query specifically about the NAND in the CHIP or Uncategorized subforums to get more specific attention to your question.


I’m not reading this entire topic, but just replying the first delay notification.

I understand unforseeable errata can cause production delay or distribution, that sucks but I’m ok with it as long as I was properly informed. But I didn’t see this notification by email. This is the second big delay to me, both time I received no communication, only found the information here, and it’s definitely not amusing experience.

Am I supposed to read the forum that about the item I haven’t received all the time? I understand it’s about community building, not for the business, but I expect at least decent amount of effort to notify the issue people would suffer.


NAND is the type of flash memory used for storage in CHIP and many other products. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_memory#NAND_flash


As I understand it the problem wasn’t the quality of Toshiba’s NAND Flash, it was that the Linux driver for NAND Flash needed to be modified to accommodate Toshiba’s variation (there’s no universal standard for NAND Flash ICs).


I’m also waiting for my November 2015 pre-order.


hi I ordered my chip at the end of june 2016…
I have not received my chip…
every time I track my order I get a different delivery date…

this is not good enough, even the raspberry pi had a delivery date and the stuck to it…

is this chip a scam or do we get our chips that we have bought, delivered? that is the question ?

please inform me of the correct delivery date as I am loosing my patience with you…


CHIP is not a scam, as stated in the opening post, you can receive a full refund by simply emailing NTC. This product has not yet reached the general availability stage and all orders are pre-orders with only estimated shipping dates.


I know this has to be painful for you guys at NextThing, and the last thing you want to hear is that almost all of your backers have already lost faith in you. I think we can all agree that stuff tends to happen that is completely out of our control. But I personally think that most of our frustration stems from the lack of communication from NextThing. It makes me think that you all wish we would forget that you owe us something… I mean, out of sight, out of mind.

If you still care about your reputation, I highly suggest that you talk to some of your KickStarter peers and learn something about proper communication. A simple (bi-)weekly status email to your backers would suffice. A couple bullet points to outline where you are in the Development, Testing, Manufacturing, and Shipping process would make your backers appreciate your efforts with expediting the turnaround.

I’ve supported many KickStarter and IndieGogo projects long after I placed my CHIP order, and I can honestly tell you that I’ve since received my packages from all of the other campaigns, except for CHIP. Every one of those campaigns leveraged their own unique methods of email communication that made me personally think they really cared about their products and especially their backers.

I’m not going look at this forum again. I’m going watch for an email update, and if I do not receive one, time will go on and I will eventually forget that I ever ordered from you guys. Why?.. well mainly because your competition has been churning out new products like hot cakes. Can’t wait to get my hands on that Raspberry Pi 4. Maybe I’ll have my CHIPs by then and can begin working on something cool.


Here are the things that I believe NTC are doing right now:

  1. Getting CHIPs built
  2. Getting PocketCHIPs built
  3. Working on merging the CHIP OS and PocketCHIP OS
  4. Working on getting GFX driver support
  5. Dealing with support requests

I would rather have them work on those 5 things than take time away from them to write a bi-weekly status on where production is at. The nitty gritty details of production are mundane and boring, I know this as I’ve been there.

I do think it would be cool if @dcschelt did a blog post on “a day in the life of an ntc employee” and another on “the ntc manufacturing workflow.” I think he would be perfect for this as he is the scribe and it wouldn’t take a lot of time away from the rest of the crew while they do good work. (i envision a walk by video interview/shot structure of work being done with awesome pink on screen text in a very 80’s sort of vibe)


Weird that you haven’t received anything yet as so many backers have so far, silly question when did you confirm your address? I didn’t discover chip till the last day of the kickstarter and I waited until may 2016 to order and I had my pocket chip in hand by mid august I confirmed my address immeadiatly upon preorder confirmations being opened and as I understood that was the factor that determines if and when you get put in the que to receive anything even kickstarted promises.
I recommend emailing ahoyahoy@nextthing.co and telling them what happens mayhaps there was just a glitch in the system between them and China and you

Also you can go to the main page and run the shipping tool and see what it says


I hardly think that’s that case! I backed CHIP in April 2015, and didn’t get anything from them till January 2016! And I never lost faith in them - in ALL my dealings with NTC I’ve had nothing but GOOD FAITH from this company. The two CHIPs delivered to me in January has a minor “fault” - so they shipped a couple more to me that “worked out of the box” - in the meantime they developed and released the “NAND repair tool” so my original pair were working, and the new pair they shipped out - and they let me keep the first pair!

I think they’ve “done the righty” all the way through…

I’d suggest if there’s any dissatisfaction, it would be from a few isolated pre-order customers - not “backers” (as in Kickstarter Pledgers)…

I waited longer than I’d have liked for PocketCHIP - but - on receiving it - I still can’t think of a real practical use case for it - perhaps when I can overcome the keyboard issues I have with it? I’m also waiting longer than I’d like for the 4 extra CHIPs I pre-ordered in July - but that’s understandable… I can wait…

If you want to see a disastrous Kickstarter campaign for another SBC - checkout Pine64… what a “pezzo di merda” those things are! The whole schmozzle is a gigantic “fumante mucchio di merda”… The Kickstarter, the hardware, the support - everything - even their forum is utter crud! I barely use their forum - you get better support at the DietPi and Armbian forums!


OK, I could no longer resist: A second PocketCHIP, ordered. :slight_smile:


People are really confused about what Kickstarter really is…

You’re not paying for a future product, you’re funding the development of a product (that may or may not end up in a real product).

And delivery “dates” are estimates, not contractual obligations. All product developments are prone to find roadblocks, so, if you are not the patient kind of person, you should stay away from Kickstarter. Just wait till the product enters the mass production phase (something CHIP and PocketCHIP have not achieved yet).

Really, the biggest problem in most Kickstarter projects are backers who have no idea how KS works, and then become just a pita to the rest for their unrealistic expectations.

Sorry for the rant. :pensive:


CHIP is in the mass production phase, the order I placed in July was a pre-order not a Kickstarter donation for development with a vague hope I will receive something. This is why they promptly refund the money for cancelled pre-orders when requested.

What CHIP is not in is general availability phase where orders are shipped form stock and/or with actual shipping times not estimated times.