PocketCHIP does Art with his Draw Bot Buddy!


This is video of pocketCHIP and Draw Bot making art together…:yin_yang:

This is the TRS Draw Bot. I uses a .wav file to generate the frequencies that are similar to the frequencies that control servos using sound. You can read all about it at http://makezine.com/projects/trs-drawbot-2/
Caution: Windows 10 users must download microsoft visual studio for the wave synthesizer (created by Mikal Hart) to work properly. Iv’e been through a lot with him to get this working properly on windows 10. He is also the creator of the quest box that i have plans for the use of gps with pocketCHIP in the future. But Stipple Gen works fine without visual studio. Thanks to the folks at evil mad scientist laboratories. Stipple gen creates an .svg of the tsp path for a continuous line drawing using stipples. Like connect the dots. Then use the .svg file in the wave synthesizer to create the .wav file. And put the .wav(s) on a memory stick to use for pocketChip as they are “very” big, uncompressed files. The wiring of the Servos is simple however. But calibration is not for the beginner. You will get frustrated, but with persistence and patience, you will get it… Enjoy!

I’m using gnome-mplayer to play the .wav files


that is awesome!