PocketChip standalone?


I can check it out… I may have already… I periodically go to frys and bestbuy and try everything. So far the best keyboard is the 12 inch thinkpad yoga. I’m also advised to forget about laptop keyboards and just get an external gamer keyboard.

Main thing about OS X is that Apple managed to civilize UNIX, whereas in Linux land we are still suffering with UI chaos and driver madness, unless you’re willing to accept Ubuntu and its alleged spyware.

Windows still has major security problems, like how if you accidentally open a JavaScript attachment in an email, it executes with admin permissions. Whoopsie.

Re Lenovo you might Google: Lenovo bios rootkit


Well, email security depends on the email client, not only the OS :slight_smile:
Spyware exists in all the major OS to an extent, you can’t run from it unfortunately. But it can be disabled on most of them.
But I totally agree on the keyboard part. I also go to shops sometimes just to look around laptops, but I’ve never found a laptop keyboard that was at least “so-so”. The $5 rubber dome keyboards that I always buy are by far better. Old laptops, like the ones before Intel Core, tend to have much better keyboards for some reason… But still not as good as my cheap stuff :slight_smile:


I find my Macbook’s keyboard to be the best laptop keyboard I’ve ever used :heart_eyes:


Well but the point is, Windows should not be giving JavaScript admin privileges.
More info: https://www.grc.com/sn/sn-566.htm


Oh gosh, that’s a lot of reading… But I think it depends on the email client what privileges it opens files with. Anyway, why would you run a js file? IIRC it triggers UAC and asks for confirmation if you want to run it… If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could confirm it, but then if you don’t know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be here anyway…


Egyptian braces… Discuss :wink:


I don’t want to run JS. I’m talking about computer security, so there are attackers involved. Their aim is to take over your computer by sending you a JS file that you open that then runs some Windows admin commands, made possible because Microsoft left this huge security hole in their OS.

If you don’t care about having a computer that’s not controlled by some random person in Romania then don’t worry about it.


I know how viruses work, lol… But if you can’t install an antivirus and don’t have enough common sense to avoid clicking on random executables, then again, you don’t really know what you’re doing, do you? :wink:


Build your own Mac. The Gyver model consists of chewing gum, paperclips, 2 feet of gaffa, some rope and isopropanol.


You just described most people. Microsoft puts most people at risk in this way. And it’s really irresponsible of them to do that.

Plus antivirus doesn’t protect against everything. You do know that exploits are being written that attack vulnerabilities in antivirus programs thmselves right?


Yeah sure. But at least it can protect you from stupid actions. Like opening virus.js :slight_smile:


Meanwhile Symantec seems to have given up on antivirus.

When is a moneymaker not a moneymaker? How to decipher this corporate speak?

Maybe this is the key to the puzzle:



Why should I care about it? :slight_smile:



Been running several Windows machines without an antivirus for about 12 years so far starting with XP without issues. Only the built-in Windows Defender on versions that have it.

As long as you have a brain and don’t believe the OMG I WON A FREE IPAD!!1ONE1! scams, understand UAC/smartscreen are there not just for you to click OK on but to give you an opportunity to think twice and verify etc…


Sure, why worry?.. Truth is, you were probably hacked years ago. Good luck.


Hold on, now. Are you in your early teens? I thought I was talking to an adult. Never mind.


Don’t worry kiddo, you will find someone else to look up to :slight_smile:


12 years?

I remember deciding to give MS Server 2005 or whatever a try back in the day - to compare it against my SUSE 11 server…

I made the mistake of putting it in a DMZ off my firewall - literally within 2 hours - the thing was hacked to pieces - ha ha ha!

I’m working from home today - mainly so I don’t have to use Windows… I LOATHE it… I’m no Apple fanboy, and agree some of their stuff is overpriced - but I’d 10,000x rather use OS X than Windows!

Can’t believe all the lame security flaws in MS Windows - yet still each version they make it HARDER and more painful to do something as simple as edit your hosts file, which I need to do all the time testing webservers! (I remember a nasty feature in XP - something could actually put a hosts file in C:\Windows\Help - and you’d be tearing your hair out trying to figure out why you got some other page instead of google.com - and activeX MediaPlayer trojans hiding in AVI files!)…

In reply to the OP - I couldn’t consider PocketCHIP for everyday, all day, use…


Based on Apple’s release schedule, I’d expect to wait 6-8 months until the next MBP…


PocketC.H.I.P. is not a replacement for anything mainstream.
It’s a hacker/Dev toy with a quirkiness all it’s own.

Some Basic information to Consider Before Purchasing a Pocket.C.H.I.P.

  1. The Keyboard will hurt your fingers when in constant use.

  2. The keyboard will change functions for no particular reason.
    It’s a long running bug in the system.
    However mine seems to have corrected itself after a re-flash and update/upgrade.

  3. Terrible Touch-Screen.
    The touch screen isn’t properly calibrated.
    Needs a stylus to navigate (or fingernail sharpened to a point)
    xinput-calibrator helps but there are still problems.

  4. Touch Screen Jitters.
    Jittery screen movement when trying to scroll using the scroll bar or when holding icons.
    (It’s apparent this can be fix using Marshmallow ).

As stated above; it’s a dev’s toy so if you aren’t doing hardware hacks or playing emulators it’s not worth it.