PocketInstaller App Addition


I downloaded Pocket Installer, and I want to create a shortcut on the home screen by creating an app for Iceweasel/Firefox. I got the name, but what am I supposed to put in the box that says “Command?”


if you want it to open Firefox, then you have to put the terminal command to open Firefox… And that command is…


I told you that you should look in the forums before posting any single thing that comes through your mind.

First of all, the adding icon feature has nothing to do with PocketInstaller, it is Pocket Home what manages that.

If you don’t understand how Pocket Home works: [APT] Pocket Home (Marshmallow edition)

The command, as it says, is the command yo use to run firefox. Probably just “firefox”.

Read this: https://docs.getchip.com/pocketchip.html

Also look for information about Debian.

Afterwards I’ll be really happy to help you with any doubt. Everyone has doubts, I don’t know a lot of things yet. But you should try to understand the things.




Super sorry; you’re right. I’m just excited about my Pocket Chip and very eager to get all I can out of it.
I’m assuming that the command for Minecraft is ~/chipcraft-master/start.sh, Doom is prboom, and Quake III is openarena?


that sounds correct




No worries! I’m just telling you this because you will enjoy your Pocket C.H.I.P much more if you get to understand it instead of just executing commands because we told you in the forums.

Don’t hesitate to ask, as you can see we’re a friendly community and all the developments are being made thanks to helping one to each other. However, I would always search in the forum or the docs first!