PocketInstaller (v5.0)



sudo ./Pocket installer.sh


Thank you @Zwack, I’ll fix the typo:

sudo ./PocketInstaller.sh

I’ll check the permissions on the next update.




Did retroarch get removed from pocket installer?

Nvm it’s already installed I just need to delete it and reinstall

How is best way to do it? Purge? Or uninstall?


Try going to the retroarch folder and:

sudo make uninstall




i believe i followed the installation instructions exactly and tried running the GUI but each time i try all it says is

Checking if new version is available
Already up-to-date

did i miss a step in the installation process?


It looks like software is already installed, no need to run it twice.
Now you need to run each program from terminal, since it’s not evident (unless you look at the directories of what’s installed).

We have a candidate code to install icons for each program automatically. But it’s still untested.

In the meantime, you can create your own desktop icons, if you installed marshmallow’s Pocket Home. More info here:



Ok, so retroarch installed from pocket installer makes a shortcut in the games folder is there a way to make a shortcut for pcsx as well?


thanks a bunch!


I’ve been out for a conference the whole last week. Trying to catch up with everything, but I’m gonna travel this week too so a bit difficult. Sorry.




where is the problem?

diff: /home/chip/.PocketInstaller/.version: No such file or directory
Updating… mkdir -p /home/chip/.PocketInstaller/ cp /tmp/version
/home/chip/Documents/PocketInstaller/update.sh: line 2: /home/chip/.PocketInstaller/.version: No such file or directory
/home/chip/Documents/PocketInstaller/update.sh: line 3: /home/chip/PocketInstaller: No such file or directory
/home/chip/Documents/PocketInstaller/update.sh: line 4: /tmp/link: Permission denied
/home/chip/Documents/PocketInstaller/update.sh: line 5: PocketInstaller: command not found
/home/chip/Documents/PocketInstaller/update.sh: line 6: /home/chip/PocketInstaller: No such file or directory


I could be wrong, but it looks like you deleted something, and have a permissions error. Did you run with sudo?

EDIT: Actually, this could be part of the “crash”; PocketInstaller has been broken, and they’re working to fix it. I think this may be part of what’s not working.


the solution posted by @Iker (download http://bit.ly/2iarq8p etc…) works for me, the Retroarch GUI works for me but I have some problems with the cores, maybe is a bad idea to use nightly armhf cores. I’m still having problems with EmulationStation (is really slow) but is not the thread for that issue


I have been having issues with Retroarch weather i used the script or compiled it myself… i can’t get any of the snes core to work…


The snes 9x 2010 works consistently for me, I’m having problems with gba carts none of the cores seem to map the keys anymore. up and down do left and right, I use v and b for start select and b seems to be start and either a or b on the gba


weird maybe the rom im trying is in the wrong format? ive been trying to play a chrono trigger hack in smc fornat


It’s probably the hack, I had trouble with the hacked version the only, triggers I’ve been able to get to work or the regular one and Crimson echoes however with the regular one it doesn’t recognize the virtual memory card set up so I don’t think it’s possible to get all the endings


yeah im trying to play Crimson echoes i have it in smc format i just converted it to see if that will help.


v4.1 is here

Bugs fixed.

Thanks to Jin Yeom and Clay Cooper (@tehCoops) for this contributions.




Back from holidays. Not doing anything probably till the 17th or so as I’m going for a trip soon. Anyway.

We know we must add the automatic desktop icons feature

Apart from that, any gaming system or feature suggestion will be welcomed.




As long as you can choose whether or not to do that… Currently I’m using PocketInstaller on the Desktop OS, which works fine as long as you don’t install PocketHome.