Power management, sleep mode, etc


Does the CHIP (particularly in combination with the PocketCHIP) have some form of sleep/wake functionality like a typical cell phone or tablet, or is it necessary to fully shut it down and boot it up again when it’s not in use?


Good question. I’ve wondered this myself. I’m pretty sure that the CHIPs shipped to date do not do that. However, I’m not sure what’s going into the pre-ordered CHIPs, or in PocketCHIPs.

@gush, @computermouth, any idea?


I think the only issue with durability is the exposed pads at the top of the PCB, which might get damaged if you spill fluids on it, or whatever. Would be easy enough to 3D-print a cover, though, for those who don’t want the exposed PCB look …


you could also put your pocketchip inside a ziplock bag! suck out all the air and since the touchscreen is resistive i think it should still work. its gettho as all hell but it works!


Heck, even a non-lubricated condom might work as a nice covering…


How in the world did this thread go from power management to waterproofing and condoms?


I think that’s the “etc” part of the title. :slight_smile:


how long chip will working with solar panel?
for example 20W solar panel, 3-5h sun per day
and irc machine


Oh dear, I seem to have been the cause of this - I think I was replying to another thread, and the content was “carried on” in the form of this forum … I’ve noticed this happen before but caught it in time. Sorry about that!


@db2 We haven’t yet implemented a full “sleep” solution. PocketCHIP is shipping with a “sleep” feature in the UI, but it consists only of turning the screen backlight off (which is huge savings!). With the backlight off you can get decent uptimes, not quite like your phone, but in the 10-12 hour range doing light/occasional CPU work, with the radios on.

We’re working on it, but I don’t have an estimate on when more full featured “sleep” comes to PocketCHIP and CHIP.
If you have any knowledge about this, we’d love to hear it.


kill every single process of chip except bash and check input from any key on the keyboard every few ms-s? ^^

sadly harder to program than in concept…


Heh. Not sure that would significantly reduce power consumption.

But this reminds me … when running full GUI and momentarily pressing the reset button, I did see “suspend” and “hibernate” choices. I didn’t try them, but they might be interesting. Somebody at NTC knew how to detect the reset button being pressed and wired it into some standard Ubuntu hook!

I bet the you’ll need the reset button again to wake it back up. Be interesting to see if it picks up roughly where it left off, with the same processes running and such.


It seems like one of the best things you could do is have it drop into hibernation anytime it’s not being used within a certain time frame. We don’t typically have this option for phones because they’re expected to still accept calls in standby. However with the CHIP or pocketCHIP it may not be necessary to keep it on all the time.


Has anyone investigated using the Super Standby Mode of the R8 processor for low power sleep mode?

Sleep mode for saving battery

@hdpirtle,. what documentation describes super standby mode?


The datasheet for the R8 processor, section 5. Just curious if anyone had explored using that capability of the processor for deep sleep.



Hi hdpirtle,

Did you find out how to use the super standby mode?



It might be working checking out these scripts also guys https://github.com/NextThingCo/chip-power/tree/chip/stable/chip-power/axp209/plugins which is part of this git https://github.com/NextThingCo/chip-power