Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


Appreciate the update, guys.

I’m a little disappointed to have to wait a little longer for my PocketCHIP, but I’m still optimistic that it will be worth the wait. Fingers crossed that you have graphic acceleration working by September. :slight_smile:

Keep being awesome.


Well I’m bummed, but thanks for the update.


How do we cancel. When I ordered July 1st the page said it would ship THIS MONTH. Now pushing me back at LEAST two more months is unacceptable.


I Also would like to Cancel my order: how does one do so? this is FALSE advertising. You said you would be SHIPPING my order by July, 2016. According to your timeline (which should have been disclosed before preordering), it won’t be shipping until September, 2016. What is C.H.I.P.'S phone number for customer support?


My order was supposed to be an anniversary present for July, but now it’s been ruined. ;(


Business 101 Rule of Thumb: Don’t take paid orders and promises that you can’t deliver on.


I’ll be patient, and wait for this one delay. Delay again and I will cancel. Sorry, but I have had enough of broken promises this year.


I appreciate the effort, but this update seems to be a spun tale. So I pre-ordered on May 30th, and my order says the chips would be shipping in June 2016 (see portion of email below):

Thank you for placing your order with Next Thing Co.!
This email is to confirm your recent preorder. C.H.I.P. and/or other C.H.I.P. related goodies will be shipped out by June 2016.
Date 05/30/2016

To be as conservative as possible, let’s say that meant June 30th. Now, the update says my preorder will ship on September 8th. By my count, that’s a 10-week delay rather than a 4-6 week delay. Am I missing something?


Also, how cute of you guys to announce this as you were walking out of the office for the weekend instead of first thing this morning, or Monday, or a month ago when you most likely knew.


I’m keeping my order because I’m excited by the PocketCHIP and what my small dev team can do with it, but surely you could have seen this coming a little earlier?

You’ve got all the access to your sales statistics, and you can see a pretty clear trend of how much you were selling per month. Production should have been ramping up months ago, and to top it off you’re still selling units that you can’t promise will ship on time. I think at least you’d have stopped selling units you can’t ship until you have your production under order.


you said the initial pocket chips were at the discounted price if i brought a one at the discounted price as well as dips and cords will that still be sent while i wait for chips?


That’s the other thing I found frustrating. Initially reading 4-6 weeks and then I realized that it could be 9 weeks once I read the dates.


Genius developers, bad marketers :).
BTW thanks for the update.


So, I have a question about my shipping. When I pre-ordered the pocket C.H.I.P. I was told that the unit would ship in June. This then became end of June when I received an email saying that because of the possible strike/lock out at Canada Post my unit would be on-hold until you’re sure that you can ship. Since then, they have been making progress and I myself have shipped multiple items through their service with no interrupts or delays.

Today, I received another email, saying now my order would be shipped Sept 8th (based on my order date). This is twice now that I’ve received some “explanation” of why my unit is not shipping. I am confused about this new email as well since I was under the impression that the strike was the only reason my unit could not be shipped (ie. the unit was ready to be shipped out but was put on hold due to the possible strike). Now it looks like the unit was never going to be ready in the first place? Regardless of whether Canada Post went on strike or not? Did they became the scapegoat for your manufacturing woes, and that email about holding the shipment was just to buy you guys more time??


Honestly, it feels like it was something planned - to use pre-orders as cheap loan. Being transparent without giving people the option to cancel the orders and be refunded is avoiding your share of the consequences, and putting the burden on your customers shoulders.


Hello @elevenarms
I am totally confused. when i get my product.?

I got mail from you before like below:
Thank you for placing your order with Next Thing Co.!

This email is to confirm your recent preorder. C.H.I.P. and/or other C.H.I.P. related goodies will be shipped out by June 2016.

Date 02/12/2016

When my CHIP will be shipped?
I am eagerly waiting to play with chip. :heart_eyes:


Well I’m really glad my C.H.I.P. is already halfway to California… But it’s a shame how long I’ll wait for PocketC.H.I.P., I was really looking forward to it. Oh well, I can at least be satisfied for now. :cry: :smile: that about sums up what I’m feeling.


This is exactly what it is. Major b.s. The fact that the web page instantly went from orders placed shipping this month to 2 months later screams up front money grab. Shady practice.


Something fishy is going on to me…Looks like next thing co have some explaining to do. i am absolutely appaled that i will have to wait even more for my pocketchip. I understand delays happen and such but so late? surely its something you see coming a bit earlier.

Worst thing is this comment will probably be deleted. ive been a bit negative or weary of the chip and pocketchip before though these comments quickly got shut down. Hopefully this whole thing wont turn into another kickstarter gone wrong thing.


The NAND chip on the C.H.I.P. that I got off of eBay is h27ucg8t2etr. Looks like that’s discontinued. Did someone make a boo-boo and spend a lot of time working on support for an EOL component? :slight_smile: