Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


@mrzoink thank you for the reply, yeah, I did not order the pocket.

1 CHiP
1 HDMI adapter
i ordered back in Apr 13 #192XX

well if it ever comes i dont think this company will be able to keep up with demand EVER… I feel that they had a great idea and have worked very hard in the passion of developing the “Next Thing” CHiP… Im already onto the ONION OMEGA 2. With that said… I did receive an Official email :

Miles (Next Thing Co.)
Aug 23, 4:30 PM PDT

Hi Jeff,

Understandably you are frustrated and annoyed with the delay. We are too. Especially me :slight_smile:

There’s a number of factors as to why “mrzoink” got a shipping notification. Perhaps their order contained only accessories, items that were unaffected by a lead time delay or global shortage… I will not speculate too much, but we are trying our best to get as many orders unaffected by these issues out as possible. It wouldn’t make sense for us to hold onto orders that can be fulfilled only because our most in demand products have a delay and those unrelated orders were placed at a later date.

To restate the information on our estimated shipping dates pertinent to your order, and clarify:

Pre-orders placed before April 30th are estimated to ship by August 31st.

This is not to be interpreted as, “Pre-orders placed before April 30th are estimated to be delivered by August 31st.”

When it ships, we’ll send a shipping notification email, complete with tracking number.

We apologize for any delay and have teams working around the clock to make sure you get your goodies as soon as possible. We’re just as excited as you to get your hands on your order.


I have know idea the logistical issues they are having but having worked in for the military as supply for a little bit, this just seems like alot of BULLCHiP! at the rate of 4000 of which many already canceled, in one month they are only having to to do 134 per day. I chit that in 2-3 hours… Im over it… If i do not get a Tracking number and confirmed movement on AUG 31 (3days) I will just call the BANK and reverse the charge. it was only $30 bucks, as transparent as this company is i find they like playing more then working, and that’s great but i might suggest if they are not to run the business and just want to be engineers then go hire a company. I feel they FAILED big, at least they are humble and learning.

ok i feel that was a good spanking, pull your pants back up and continue :slight_smile:

PocketC.H.I.P.s Shipping On-Time & NAND Software Delays C.H.I.P.s Until Mid-October

That could be it because I did order an extra battery for it. I didn’t think about that till now.


I don’t think the issue is the number of them they do each day. It’s not like there’s a factory with workers coming in each morning assembling CHIPs. I think the issue is having enough of all the parts to kick off a manufacturing run of 10,000. You can’t start if even one component isn’t ready to go. My understanding is that their problem is getting enough NAND devices.


Honestly dude as mad as you are, and you state you’ve moved to onion omega, then cancel your order and move on. While we desire a wide diverse community you are bordering on trolling and you’re not happy with the device so many of us are happy with and I’m in a similar boat my other chips won’t ship till Christmas probably it’s cool though. To make a long story short (too late) not happy cancel and move on its that easy the guys at next thing have stated many times they will happily offer refunds, and I’ll probably order your chip next week.


Final part for C.H.I.P arrived: The battery.

Still waiting for C.H.I.P to ship, anxiety levels growing. I’ve been waiting for years to participate in a project like this, fighting the urge to buy one on ebay from scalpers.

I will be taking my battery in to the local communications shop to have the terminals soldered and the joints protected by dual layered heat-shrink.

I have a 2500mAh battery, hopefully enough to cope with brownouts.

Starting to think I should buy a Samsung wall plug 2A or above. Missus has a note 5, saw the current draw shoot up to 1.2A.

Hopefully when I get the phonecall to collect my battery, I will have received the email alerting me that my C.H.I.P will have been shipped.


Umm, if you look at it more carefully, their batches are between 4000 and 5000 per week… Say their factory works 40h per week, then they would have to produce at least 100 CHIPs per hour. But it’s not “their” factory, they’re ordering the production from a 3rd party factory, because they’re too small to build their own. Only giants like Intel can afford that. So, there is little chance that the factory is in CHIP production all the time. It also has to do other orders. Just see the shipment dates: August 31, September 8, September 15, September 22… That’s one batch per week.


Do not overthink the shipping issue. Or speculate. It leads to nothing good.

They’re doing the best they can. Either it’s enough for you, in which case just wait for the confirmation mail, or not, so you better ask for a refund. They’ll comply.
And that’s it.

Adding noise will solve nothing.


I’m using a charger and cord from a Note and it works great, though the replacements that griffin sell are good too


Ok, I ordered before April 30th and Aug 31st is approaching rapidly, but I did not yet get a shipping note. What is the current state/situation?


I think you should check here:
Afaik, they’re not sending personalized mails to customers to explain order status other than the shipping confirmation email. With thousands of orders, it’s rather impractical.


yes, I can understand this, but although I reconfirmed my shipping address I did not yet receive any shipping confirmation.



Got an email from NTC today. The gentleman that replied confirmed that my shipping conformation was correctly submitted, then gave me the basic details that we all know. I replied back with a ‘thanks’ and that I understood that things have been hectic since the CHIP exploded in popularity. Then I got a reply back today with a quick thanks for being understanding about the whole situation. … … That actually meant allot.

NTC is sort of in a vague area. They are sort of a ‘start-up’ company, yet kind of not. Or maybe I’m drunk and need to go home. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry. I’m still thinking about digi cams. Would like to invest in an Otto though and see what I can do with it.

In the meantime, I’ve reflashed my SD card with the latest Retropi for my Pi2 and can’t get sound through HDMI (TV is forced into DVI). Messed with the config before and it worked but this time it’s a bit cranky.

Cheers with beers. :slight_smile:


My order it was on FEBRUARY !
from NTC “Pre-orders placed before April 30th are estimated to ship by August 31st.”

so what , we are in 31 - STILL N O T H I N G !!!


n.t.c. : “Pre-orders placed before April 30th are estimated to ship by August 31st.”

WE ARE IN 31 st AND N.O.T.H.I.N.G !!!



We are in the same boat…


Jee! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Give it a day or two.

Preparing thousands of shipments and sending thousands of mails takes time.
It’s not automattic. (Also: timezones!).

If a week from today you have still not received and email, then check the tracking site, and if you see nothing there, reach out to NTC to ask for status.


I checked the tracking site before my last reply (and now as well: still pending).
And if I’m not mistaken it was about 2 pm at that time in China (now we are over 4 pm) where they shipping the stuffs from (unless I understood wrong something about their manufacturing location).


I think it was fair to present No. of orders who was send it, mine is 16992, but I read many after mine, has received, how so??


They’re processing 4961 pre-orders. It’ll take some time, I guess.

@yo2ldk It’s been said: depends on what’s in your order (CHIP, Pocket CHIP, charger, etc.)
Some items had a bit of a delay (they run out ot CHIPs, chargers were not available), so some orders are delayed, regardless of their order #.


I order only CHIP board; 4961 orders is send it as they say, from June !
we are in September in a day. Maybe they have a long vacation ?
on our money, of course.