Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


They had 4896 hours already for it since I ordered my single C.H.I.P. :stuck_out_tongue:


I swung by to check Track Chip for my daily pitiful check up. But instead of being pending, it has a shipping update and tracking number! Yay!
Now waiting phase 2 begins. :smiley:


I’d feel a lot better if I could buy more at a quantity discount. Got 15 kids in robotics club…

Just saying…


Making me sad :confounded:

Am I affected? Ordered BEFORE 22nd June (I think? Or was that July?")… told September… Now October?


I just cannot wait till orders are caught up, though I may just order my others next week regardless


Holy crap holy crap holy crap! Mine too!


Folks who are waiting for orders check chipping. I didn’t get a notification about it but a tracking number was uploaded for my PocketCHiP order (no accessories).

Big thanks to @UmbrasMemoria and @quatmosk for their success encouraging me to check for myself. Now it’s all your turns.


Hooray! Me being pitiful actually came in handy! Heehee.
In all seriousness, I’m glad my bumbling helped alert some more peeps! <3


I got an email informing me that due to a series of issues with the new NAND storage, they have temporarily halted the production line and informed me that shipping will begin again in October.

Has anyone else gotten that email?


Now it is September 1st. I got email, that my order placed in November 2015 will be shipped in mid October. I was curious what reason they will invent not to meet their own commitment to ship it by August 31. Clever. One year delay.

For sure there will be something is October, like sourcing issues due to high demand to manufacture smart phones for XMAS, etc.

But they are getting better. At least they sent an email.

So I gave up. If it will arrive ever, I will sell it, no reason to deal with.

Why not ask refund? Simple. Do not trust it will be payed back.


I’m an old fart and somehow I’ve been patient with age. Maybe it’s a brain defect, I don’t know. However, I’m getting close to venting some steam. Now I can understand manufacturing issues with China. That is out of NTC’s hands. Yet, I’m starting to lose confidence. I guess if I don’t hear word by December then I’ll have to request a refund. Money has recently became tight in my life.


I get you. The thing is: this small companies (yes, they’re small compared to the Apple, Samsung and LGs of the world) get scond-class treatment. If some component is in high demand, factories will give priority to big buyers.

So, it’s not rare to get delays with Kickstarter projects that involve manufacturing in China. Most of these newly formed companies are too small (and in some cases, too inexperienced) to demand anything from factories. I’m seeing this in other projects, and it’s always the same: any change or any problem with a component means several weeks to a few months delay. I guess it’s not for the faint of heart.

I have to confess a little secret: if the gadget I want is already funded, I wait for the company to start delivering and get the gadget in the pre-order phase. In that way the gadget may only take a few months to arrive instead of several months to a year (or more). :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Of course, if the thing is not funded, I back to try to make the gadget a reality.

Edit: just checked Tracking, and my PocketCHIP is being shipped too, two weeks ahead of its planned date. :relieved:


If storage is a problem what would stop them from making a minor design change and replace the nand with a sd card plug and a small capacity micro sd card ?

I’d order that one in a moment


Damn if I’d known there was going to be a 6 week delay - I’d probably have bought those three CHIPs from the dude in Malaysia!


I don’t have a C.H.I.P. to check, but it appears that the NAND Flash is a 48 pin TSOP module located in between the two 2x20 connectors for the DIPs to plug into.

Changing such to a micro SD socket might not be a “minor design change”.

There are other small single board computers that use SD/micro SD sockets, but there are tradeoffs compared to C.H.I.P.


I’ll be ordering at least a dozen more in a few weeks.

Keeping the faith.

I remember ordering electronics back in the 1970s and 80s, this sort of thing would happen all the time. I’d wait months and years to get parts.

And how many Pi Zeros have you got? This happens.

Relax folks. Order more.


I’ve got one more Pi Zero then C.H.I.P. since the end of June despite the fact that I ordered it in mid June, not February…


In addition to the very good points that Dr. No brings up, a change in the PCB layout will trigger a re-test to file for a change in certification with the FCC/CE which not only costs money but also time. That’s one big difference between hobbyists and businesses, hobbyists only risk being told to stop using their creation, businesses risk large fines, recalls and other fallout.


Were they even real? I could have sworn it was a hoax…

I have 5 CHIPs and 1 pocketCHIP chassis… waiting for 4 more CHIPs won’t kill me…

and now my family have voted universally to decomission Pi-Hole - looks like I probably have a “floater”… a spare CHIP? But I’m loathe to re-purpose it just yet - I loved having no ads in youtube!!! For $9? I call that an investment!

I’ve never seen or experienced such an amazing community… The amazing thing about CHIP is not the product - it’s the community - because NTC started it off properly! If you wanna see shit - checkout Pine… they’ve got some pompous old git on there who censors posts and probably gives sexual favours or other things to the admins there - and one of the forum’s smartest people, the outspoken “tkaiser” regularly gets edited or banned or blocked… anyway NTC did the “righty” all along - they employed KERNEL HACKERS on the FUCKING PAYROLL to make it all work… and when that didn’t work - they employed MORE kernel hackers!

And when I say “hat off” to NTC - it’s not an idle honour - I actually do wear a hat - I have whole fucking roomfull of them (nearly!)…


Ok I was thinking the nand was on the processor side