Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


I bought 5 last weekend, retail. Definitely not a a hoax. :wink:


Where? I’ve never seen one anywhere


I’ve looked and NEVER seen any for the much advertised $5 price tag!


Same here the local place that had them briefly was charging $25 each for them


Ive been buying Pi Zeros sporadically for the last few months at $5 a pop. There is a web site that tracks their availability:

I’ve been buying mine from both Adafruit and the UK suppliers. All suppliers deliver within the week. Currently they are limited to one item per order so if all one wants is a Pi Zero, the cost is $5 plus postage which takes it to about the $12-$15 (US) mark. Ideally, I’d love to buy a “bucket” of them … but I’ve reached the point now where I have about 4 ready for experiments (and have managed to kill 2 already through gross negligence).

In my notes, I wrote up the pros and cons of Pi Zero vs CHIP and it is about a wash. There are strengths and weaknesses in the specs of both (compared to each other). What I have found though is that portability of applications between them is good. What that means to me is that I can prototype projects on Pi Zeros or Pi 3s and they work pretty much the same on CHIP. Especially since I’m a JavaScript kind of guy these days.

See free book on CHIP at


Only real plus for pi 0 is the memory card slot, other than that they don’t really have an advantage you have to put a memory card with an operating system and a pie whereas chip is operatable right out of the box that’s a lot more user-friendly to someone like me who is a Noob about Lunix


I’ve got 3 pi zeros. I’ll buy another to make a 4 node bramble for some photo processing. Bucket list project.


Goes away from principle. Could also replace nand with ufs/sata interface with greater choices of power supply eliminating brownouts entirely (possibly)


PocketCHIP order number 31191, date of order 07/08/2016, I received a notification saying that it has been shipped. Now to play the waiting game…again.


It wouldn’t be a minor change and it would kill performance.


I just checked my confirmation page and my Pocket Chip has already been scanned at the cross dock facility…about 3 weeks earlier than it should be :smiley:

Much happy I am.


Hurray!!! I just got shipping confirmation. Now I’m waiting for confirmation that the ship or plane that has my order is forced to drop their cargo or gets attacked by pirates because that is how my luck is these days. lol… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello NextThing Team,Im SEFFAL ABDELAZIZ I want to ask about the status of my order No #5709Thank you


No, no that’s all wrong. It won’t be pirates.

It’ll be crazy, lightning wielding sky pirates with flying submarines and robo parrots.


Hello @seffalabdelaziz, before your order can be packed and shipped, you must go to to confirm your shipping address. Most people with pre-orders were sent emails telling them to do that, but not everyone got that email. Your order number is a very low one, when did you order? Did you confirm your shipping address and/or check the tracking page before posting here?

Also, if you want an official answer to your question, you should email


Yeah. Those guys again. I think they stole/destroyed two of my Amazon orders this year already.


Everytime an Amazon package is destroyed by the sky pirates, an Amazon delivery guy dies…

…mostly because he was caught in the blast.


I’ve been thinking about applying for the sky pirate job. I’m afraid of heights but maybe I can work in their human resources department. I wonder if they still have 401k… or is it 401 Aharrrrrrrrr these days?


I don’t know man, human resources for sky pirates might mean ACTUAL human resources, especially when they get hungry.

Don’t want to end up in a sky pie.


lol… Good point.