Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


When i think sky pirates, i immediately think of Don Carnagè from the show, Talespin!


He was awesome, and French therefore extra awesome


I feel like mentioning Don Carnagè being my fave helped my PCHIP along. Went from being in China yesterday to New York this morning. Yay! <3


Well then it worked for me too.
It’s nearly arrived at Yodel.

I’ve also ordered a Gamebuino (gonna order an Arduboy, if I ever have the money, to complete the “set”) but that only takes about 5-10 days to arrive.

It’s gonna be a race to see which I get first. :smiley:


I have a Gamebuino and I really like it. The community is not as vibrant as this one but there are some good games. Super Crate Buino is addictive.


Is that a port/remake of vlambeer’s super crate box?


Yes, and it fits the Gamebuino perfectly. Proper twitch gaming.


The only thing I’m worried about the Gamebuino is their use of used screens.

That being said, the screen comes from a Nokia 3310 so maybe I shouldn’t be worried about any damage…


Mmmm… I think there must be a misunderstanding there.
It uses Nokia 3310 style screen, but those are new components, not used, recycled ones…
You can buy those for a few bucks on Aliexpress:


I was going by what they say in their disclaimer in their shop, for the Gamebuino starter pack.

“Disclaimer: The images are only for reference. The screens are recycled from older cell phones so they often have tiny nicks or scratches. There’s no such thing as a ‘new’ Nokia 5110 display, but the scratches are not noticeable when in use.”

For some reason though it’s the only place on their site that I’ve found that says Nokia 5110 rather than the Nokia 3310 mentioned on the main page of their site.

Edit: I now see that it’s because the screen is compatible with either phone (due to the link you gave me)


Oh! You’re right. Haven’t seen that. It’s weird, as there are new components available for a reasonable price.
Them using recycled parts is weird. But I’m not against it, as long as they disclose it as they’ve done.


Yeah I thought it was a bit weird, since there’s a company called Lekki that sell both new and refurbished retro nokias.

Must help to bring the price down.


I wonder if this version for the Raspi would work on a chip. I guess I’ll find out when mine gets here.


My Gamebuino screen is used but is in perfect condition. It isn’t an issue, and I like the idea that is is being recycled.




I do NOT want to rub it anyone’s face, but… IT’S HERE!!!
It just came in tonight, and while I’m not an unboxer kind of guy, I did take plenty of photos. Not easy to post via my tablet, so I did it from my browser on the PC instead!


USPS’s tracking sucks mules cod. My order may be in the mail here in a couple hours, yet, their tracking has been telling me it’s in Chicago for the last 6 days. Anyways, I might post pics when I get it… after several hours of thanking God that it actually arrived. lol


Look what the mailman delivered today :grin:
Can’t wait to start tinkering with this device :grinning:


I had a similar experience. USPS tracking has a long way to go to catch up to the competition.



I’ve seen some of you guy’s youtube videos and either you folks have small hands or the video made it look bigger. I love the size. I can actually put it in my back pocket. Touch screen is responsive, but I’m going to need a stylist. I was afraid that the buttons would be kind of thrown together but I can see that they will last a long time. I’m still just going to use a small keyboard with it when I’m not traveling.

I want to build something like this for the Pi Zero sometime.

The NTC crew that designed this thing are geniuses. I don’t think I’ve ever been this thrilled over a device since I was a kid. Damn, I’m happy.