Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


What about a good barber?


I was just beginning to wonder if I needed to spruce up a bit in order to use my pocket chip.


i never received my order my order is #35732 i have a pocket chip
a chip and other item in my order and i never received the famous email
i have order for 122$ canadian and i don’t know when i will received
we are in 12 october 2016 when i will received my order because
i would like to develop game and music with my pocket chip and doing
great project.


@romvil contact the support email thell help you out


Don’t panic. I ordered my CHIP in November, 2015 and still waiting for it. To be precise, not waiting anymore, don’t think it will be shipped ever.


Why you say that?

I’ve waited more for SOFTWARE… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You’ll get it soon, you’ll see.


Hello NextThing Team

I want to ask about the status of my order #18539 from 3/30/2016.

Thank you


hey @werneg your best option is to email the support email


Not sure how well that will work. I’m excited enough for this to not cancel, but my pre-order of a single pocketCHIP from July 17 still hasn’t even shipped (according to this post it should have shipped by Sep 22). I emailed support over two weeks ago inquiring about my order and still don’t even have a reply. #32470


I’d definitely email them again I ordered my pchip a month before you and I’ve had it for 2 months now


I recommend emailing them again. From what I’ve seen here very few people have had problems with support and I think you may be the first I’ve seen who said they got no reply at all.


You never received the shipment number? Weird.
I suppose you already checked here, right?:
If yes and you saw nothing there, then email NTC as others said.
Hope you get it soon. :+1:


Dear Next Thing Co.,
So I’m one of the first few people to pre-ordered 3 Chip’s (I say that based on the fact that I ordered them as soon as pre-order was announced). Its been so long that I don’t even remember. I never received a receipt in the email. If I did its probably buried in a million emails that I have received since. All I have is Newsletter Announcements. I’m now in the middle of a move so even if they do send me anything I suspect it will be at my older address. I wonder if I’ll ever get em’?
Good luck.


Dude I don’t think I received an order number. I don’t know what email id they sent it from but searching Next Thing Co. in my inbox isn’t returning anything but newsletter announcements. My credit card statements will show that I ordered it though. sigh


Assuming you do have a credit card statement showing your order, email NTC and they should be able to sort it out for you.

BTW - CC company may also have a transaction number that could help NTC locate your order info for you.


If your order has CHIPs in it, it may not be ready yet. CHIPs are severely delayed. You’ll have to wait, unluckily. :sweat:
(Only those of us who only ordered PocketCHIPs have received our orders, except for @JeSuisNerd above).


The tracking link still says “pending shipment” and no reply yet after another week. I sent another email and am hoping for the best.


My order acknowledgement came from:
Search for that address.


Hello guys, I checked my Shipment of my order of PocketChip, It Said:

No Pending Shipment

We uploaded your order to our shipping provider on 2016-09-08, but we don’t have a tracking number handy, Please check back later.

Is that means my package on the way?
I have not receive my package until now.

Is that a normal duration to ship to china mainland?

Please help, thank you.


Exactly. Your package is with the shipping company. How long it will take, we can’t know for sure, as there are many factors influencing times (couriers involved, customs, etc.)