Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production



i’ve ordered three C.H.I.P. on 12th of may 2016, my order is not shiped yet.
Will it be shiped this year or next year or 2020 no one knows…
Every mail i get from nextthing tell me that the shipping will be done later and later and later…
I already regret to have ordered a CHIP Pro dev kit …


Thank you so much for the speedy reply. It helps me a lot.


I don’t see how they justify not shipping one product because another isn’t available. I ordered a pocketchip + an extra chip in June. I have received neither, nor does it seem either have shipped. They should have shopped me the pocket chip when it was ready then later sent the chip. Its a couple dollars on shopping fees.


Do you think they’re Amazon or what?
That would make everything really expensive and complicated. Shipping products is expensive and time consuming, especially for a small company.

Try it: start sending packages all over the world and make sure everything arrives without problems. Do it by the thousands, and then tell us how it went.


I already do, thanks. There is no successful company small or large who when facing a 3 month delay from expected shipdate would not drop the offending product from the purchase ordered and do a partial fulfillment. It is standard operating procedure no matter how small a company.


I think it may be time for them to become more than a small company.

You can defend them all you want, we all love their products but this is no longer a kickstarter they just dropped a second line of products.

Maybe understand it’s good for us to be critical of them for missing deadlines and continually pushing them back due to technical issues, from a tech company.

People are allowed to be unhappy, it creates better business.


They offered exactly that: if you drop the CHIP from your order, they’ll send the PocketCHIP. And you have to re-order the CHIP, that will be sent later.

Edit: I don’t know where you get that most companies change orders on the fly. The only company I see doing that where I live is Amazon, and they’ve probably the best logistics solution out there.


Well, not Kickstarter, but not regular availability either. They’re taking regular orders for PocketCHIPs, but CHIPs and CHIP Pros are still in pre-order (last time I’ve checked).
So, that means they still have no inventory of those items, and you should expect delays.

I don’t mind people complaining, but I think most of the complaints come from false expectations. I do believe most people have no idea what they’re dealing with when they back on Kickstarter. And so, you hear a lot of complaints merely for their misunderstanding of all the scheme.

On a side note, they dared to release a new product because they changed their line of production (which is the case of the delay). If they kept their old production line they wouldn’t be able to add a new product (they weren’t able to keep up with just CHIPs demand!)

Personally, I cancelled my original CHIP kickstarter backing (simply, because shipping was too expensive and thought wise to wait till NTC had a better selling channel and more capacity). I’ll get it soon because I’ll buy a few of them and it’ll make it reasonable (it will be available in quantities).

I ordered my PocketCHIP in pre-order, and have been enjoying it the last few weeks. All in all, I’ve been waiting no more than a few months for my products. And have zero complaints. But then, I understand that this is not like buying from Amazon.

And I disagree: complaints don’t create better businesses. Feedback does. Constructive feedback that benefits everybody, not just yourself.


hmmmmm, you a right. I can’t expect to get my order the next day like an Amazon order. But in my case, i’ve ordered my CHIPs over five month ago. I get the first mail with an information of a delivery delay. For me not a problem, this is just a toy i would like to play with. Than i get the second and the third Mail with am other delay information. Still no problem for me. But if i read that they launch new products while they have orders on stack wich are more than five month old and they are not able to deliver there first product to customer who have already payed serveral month ago… somewhere the fun is over…


I do believe a complaint is a form of feedback. That may be my personal opinion, but i did like your pleasant and well worded response. Thank you!


I really understand how you feel, believe me. I get the frustration some people vent on the forums.
Truth is, maybe nobody expected this much of a delay, but NTC have been honest with what motivated it, and tried to keep people informed of every problem.

As for the new line of products, it’s not even in production yet (while CHIPs were, at least until they found the production roadblock). There’s nothing bad in thinking about the future while you solve (or if you already solved) your current production problems.

Maybe, seeing the new supplier and its increased production capabilities they thought “You know that idea we thought was impossible with our previous supplier? I think we can make it a reality with the new one…”, and so decided to announce their future plans. Who knows how long they’ve been thinking about the CHIP Pro?


Complaints, if used to solve a particular problem, can be valuable feedback, I do agree.

“I should have my product by now! I’m very angry”, which is what some people come here to say (not saying it’s your case, please, not making this a personal thing at all), is not, in my opinion, constructive feedback and helps nobody.

I do appreciate you took the time to read me, and I’m very sorry that I can’t be of any further help. Cheers.


[quote=“BigD, post:635, topic:7282, full:true”]
But if i read that they launch new products while they have orders on stack wich are more than five month old and they are not able to deliver there first product to customer who have already payed serveral month ago… somewhere the fun is over…[/quote]
Given that I’m waiting for additional CHIPs I understand the frustration in delivery delays, but the logic that a supply chain problem blocking delivery for one product should block everything escapes me. The CHIP Pro uses a different nand memory (lower density, hence probably older and more easily sourced) so the key production dependency isn’t the same. Even if it were, the current projections are that the current CHIP order backlog will be cleared before anyone gets a CHIP Pro.

While from a hobbyist perspective, these delays don’t bother me that much, given NextThings track record on meeting projected deliveries to date, I’d be hesitant to base a product on CHIP or CHIP Pro without a backup plan. That’s something they need to fix, but I would assume that’s obvious to them.


I hope my CHIPs will be shipped at the end of october till begin of november, as i read in the last mail…
Yes my comparations are maybe wrong, but it is a bit frustrating to wait for month and month.
I’ll be habby to get them and do some funny stuff, until then i’ve some raspberries to play with :wink:


Right, I’m not taking it personally, but complaints are by theory alone a form of feedback. Feedback can be positive or negative. I would also make the stretch and assume negative feedback is more valuable to a company than positive, as it creates a vacuum of service by which the direction a correction should take to improve service as a whole.

If one is to think that humans should always be rational and pleasant in how they inform others of discontent, I implore you to find the surefire way of making that happen, you may even win a peace prize.

I’m not one for using internet definitions, but I feel it suffices in this case as feedback is, information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement.

If the Australian government views complaints as a form of feedback, I believe we all can, We value your feedback. Making a complaint, giving a compliment or offering a suggestion can help us improve our service.

My point is this, we are free to and should voice our discontent. It creates motivation, and by far, the complaints I’ve seen are mild compared to other kick-starters. They may be delivering, but the snails pace by which they aren’t reaching milestones, is by any project management standard, a sham, and should be corrected.


I do believe, though hasty and short, the point is this; “you’ve announced and canceled multiple shipping dates, I paid for a product which should be in my hands, I do not want a refund, I would like what I paid for in the timeframe it was promised.”

So, if I can pull that information from a upset, but still valid customer complaint. I think NTC can as well.


This sentence implies that the person has not read the reasons why such shipping dates have been cancelled (or is simply not happy with the reasons given), and is asking for something that is downright unreasonable or impossible… :unamused:

“We should have flying cars by now. I want my flying car!” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
(Is that kind of an argument).


I’ve pre-ordered a CHIP and goodies (Order #25051) on 31th May 2016 and confirmed my adress for the shipping, but stilll have no information about the exact shipping date. Can you provide me some information about the shipping and estimated delivery please ?


NTC’s employees hardly come here. And us members of the community have no idea about shipping times.

Send a message to or keep checking at


i see your point, but financially that would double the shipping costs. i agree to partially ship, but they probably don’t have the room to cover additional costs. again, not our problem, just a really bad side effect of production delays and small profit margins.
do you lose a few $$ to keep customers happy?