Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


Yeah, , , they used to visit us more often, , ,


Maybe if you flood the net things like this:



That’s why I cancelled my orders yesterday. Waiting for six months is unacceptable…However I decided to clone CHIP hardware, as it’s looks nice and well documented (aside from the company’s fraudulent shipping dates) . :slight_smile:

Allwinner a13 is available at aliexpress, so the rest is not a big deal I think.


Just curious I have two orders one for a chip and one for an HDMI adaptor and cover, when I use chipping it shows the Chip order but not the one for the HDMI and Case?


I’ve got no mail information, but if i look in my shipping list on i get the message that my orders has been shipped Saturday 29th october. In the tracking tool my packed is now in Hong Kong. Let see when it will arrive here in germany :wink:


Same. My CHIPs are at the crossdock facility as of the 29th. Looking at my 2 PocketCHIPs (1 backer, 1 preorder), it should take about 4 days for it to get to the US. Hopefully I’ll get my CHIPs by the end of the week!


Rest in peace one day after you posted this message NTC back basically labeled everyone’s package for shipping… :laughing:


Except mine :sob:


And mine too.


Hahahah, That’s why I cancelled. 50-50% chance to get or not.

Anyways, holding up the customers projects, developments, etc for half year (for me) is unacceptable, and this case the price tag doesn’t matter. NTC has chose to set the price tag for 9USD, for me 10 USD or even 20 USD is OK if they ship orders in time. The (not so) funny part of this story is the product itself as it’s looks very nice, absolute winner against rpi and BBB.

Fortunately I found a dude in my country who sold me a chip, so it is ready for reverse engineering :slight_smile: 3 days before the official schedule and no shipping time from china :smiley:


why would you reverse engineer something that is open source?


Because I need to adopt a complete solution for my own needs. For example: I have all the open source documentation for the chip itself and the video DIPS, but I don’t have the eeprom binaries. I have to look after how to replace the R8 soic with A13.

My design goals are:
-I want to remove the TRRS jack, I don,t need composite video.
-Remove USB sockets and replace with a third pin header
-I need VGA so I want to place a decent VDAC to the board (for example Analog devices ADV7125)
-Remove the Barrel socket.
-Manufacturing in small quantities for my own needs LESS than 6 months :slight_smile:

Re-designing a current product and transform it to a practical and useful solution is much easier (for me) if I have a sample device. 6 months ago I was planned to use chip(s) to my product(s) with a custom dip(shield, expansion? whatever), but now (after half years of waiting) that’s not gonna happen.


Well i got an email said mine were in fact processed and would be here in about 14 days.
Then ill reverse engineer it remove the ports add a quantum interface, swap out the ram for some gophur bones and liberally coat it in a proprietary vegemite/peanut butter blend


Let me know what kind of speed increase you get with the blend :grinning:


but has anyone here tried a heat sink


Just from some simulations ive run on my nokia 5120 i expect a 9001% increse in speed and possible warping of space time, but i think we can handle that



I saved the heat sink from my old 333imac to use on my chip but ive misplaced it i think, so i need to licate another


They are here :wink: Today i got my package with my CHIPs