Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


The vegemite and peanut butter blend I found does nothing, apparently it is for x86 processors


I think it needs extra peanut butter to work with the arm instruction set.


It could be the lack of toast crumbs in he vegemite, if it doesn’t work then more gopher bones and a 6% marmite booster



I pre-ordered on the 24th of June but still haven’t gotten my Pocket Chip.
Tracking details say the package shipped and arrived in my city, but beyond that I don’t have any information about where to go and find it.


@Noccifer It would help if you said what country you are in and what the tracking page says about who is transporting your package.

If you look carefully, you will see various tracking numbers that, if you click on them, will take you to tracking with the local carrier. Sometimes there are delays when fees are due, or someone else in the household received the parcel.


@sdjf I sent some additional information to NTC and they have an idea of could have happened. I think it got lost in a warehouse somewhere, but its being looked into. Thanks.


Mine 18 days already from Shipment data uploaded. and now 8 days in In transit status. It is normal?


@doki there is no universal “normal” for how long between stages of packing, crossing border, or in transit, it very much depends on where the parcel is going and who the shipper is. if you provide more information, folks in similar locations with the same shipper can reply with their experience. The time you upload shipping data simply indicates when you confirmed your address, after that, how long before the parcel gets packed depends on where you are in the queue, which could be a function of what you ordered and when.


Got my CHIP today but it does not have case and video cable.
I pre-order it on 2nd Feb, 2016.


when i ordered my chip in the order i called the chips kickstarter chips that would mean i was meant to get the case and cables right or did they just call it all kickstarter chips


I think they all still say


Hi, I ordered my CHIP in 16/11/2016, but I cannot get any information about the shipment date. I wrote a couple of emails, but without any answer.

Does somebody has some info?



2011? Really? :slight_smile:
1 week delay is normal, just wait some days more.


Soory, it was a wrong typing, the date was 16/11/2016 obviously!


I have a question.
I am sorry if this has been asked before, if it has just redirect me please, but I couldn’t find a related topic.

Is there any differences in hardware and hardware design in later P/CHIP batches vs. earlier batches?


Iirc, NAND change is the biggest change. I don’t know about any other changes.


Hi @Dmian, could you explain better this difference?


Most of this information is in other posts on this very section (NTC Updates).
For example: Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production

Basically, CHIP’s success forced them to change NAND suppliers. So you’ll see different NAND modules, depending on the time the CHIP has been manufactured.



My C.H.I.P. has just arrived, with errors in the address too (civic number and postal code). :grin:


Hi I made a pre order in October 2016 so far I did not receive any updates?, can anyone tell me what is happening?