Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


@akhil393 Email


Did you try the address


Oh, I forgot about that step. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can I ship to South Korea to buy a product?


Please don’t double post.


Ordered 2 C.H.I.P. 10/08/2016 (Sweden)

Will I ever get them? Where can I read about the current backlog and expected delivery?


@hanpa Check


Ahoy Matey!
I put an order 01.01.17, the order was confirmed. But nothing since two weeks, I’ve tried the but my email was not recognized ? I’ve emailed and waiting… I love this products and buy one of each. Catch’em all!


@seth_kaine Unfortunately, they will not be shipping for a while. They will update the page until they are ready to ship it. Can't login for C.H.I.P. tracking

Also, they are a small company, so they can’t respond to email as fast as a huge company. They’re worth the wait! :wink:


I did check
Wanted me to verify my address, why?
I’ve already stated my address when I ordered and paid 3 months ago.
Now it says pending and ready to ship. Meaning what?


Pending and ready to ship means that they have your order… At the moment they are waiting for more chips to arrive.


Misleading. Ready to ship would normally assume that they have the chips in stock, otherwise it’s NOT ready to ship.


They want you to verify your address for security’s sake. And probably a couple other reasons.


I wasn’t aware of the requirement on address verification. If this has stopped the delivery, why don’t they send automatic email reminders regarding that verification is required?


I’m not sure, but others have had this problem as well. They are a new, small company, so we can’t expect everything we do from bigger, more established companies. If you’d like to put in a suggestion, email

Even though they are new, they are already my favourite company.


I always hit the tracking thing as soon as I order and once it’s in the system confirm right away,


That’s what I’ve been doing too.


Targeting people over the internet is truly sad. I feel bad for you… I can see it makes you feel better to try and make others feel stupid… that being said… have a wonderful life. Stay out of others as we don’t have time for people like you.


Dude, seriously, that was more than 6 months ago. Everyone’s said sorry, it’s good now. We don’t need reminders.


Yeah that was from the great supply chain snafu when those of us who were promised product at end of may suddenly found out we were bumped to October. Then I guess enough folk cancelled and I had mine firs of august lol I was so happy.