Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


So nice I have confirmed my address today! Can wait for all my C.H.I.P. !!!


That’s great! Have fun with it.

By the way, if you didn’t already know, it might take a while to get to you, just because of the shortage of CHIPs right now.


Preordered October 2016. I have (pointlessly) confirmed my shipping address. Will probably never get my two ordered and payed items. Very frustrating.


You should contact one of the NTC staff about that, I’m sure they can help in some way.


You should definitely contact them at It may take a few business days for them to reply but from what I’ve read on the forum they will get back to you and you will either get the order or your money refunded if there is some reason why they can’t ship to you.


Any shipping updates? I want to order a CHIP but i cant (Poland). I ordered Pocket CHIP before without problem.


You can get someone in a different country to but it and then ship it to you, but I doubt they’ll start shipping to any other countries. Maybe email them at and see what they can do.


I can’t wait to get my hands on my pocket CHIP! I hope they start shipping out soon!


woof this is a long scary thread. Just ordered mine a couple of days ago. Did the trackchip thing. fingers crossed Q1 is a real thing. This hardware looks awesome. can’t wait to start developing on it.


It is awesome. I cannot wait till you get yours as well (so you can do awesome things I can copy).


I like that attitude.


What is the trackchip thing? I don’t know that I have done that…


Confirm your address at, and you’ll be good to go for your PocketCHIP to ship. :wink:


Thanks! I’m good to go now!


Yep it’ll ship as soon as it’s available now.


Hopefully they are available soon! I’m chomping at the bit to get started with some of my projects! I even have it set to ship to work so that I don’t have to wait to get home to open it!


That’s a great idea!


Thanks, don’t there is this very extra important step !!


It’s the final month of Q01! I can’t wait to get my PocketCHIP! I am beyond excited!


Yeah I’m excited for my CHIP too! I ordered on January 1st, so I should be pretty far ahead in line.