Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


I placed my order in mid february so I guess I should expect to wait a little bit longer than y’all.

I’m sure it’ll be worth it :slight_smile:

BTW, my order finally shows up in as ready to ship, does that mean they’ll be shipping the units soon?


It means that they’re ready to, it’s been processed. It should ship late March/early April.


Hopefully earlier!



*Breaths heavily


[Waiting Intensifies]


Dang, I just let the magic smoke out of my chip… And they’re not back in stock yet…



Bummer. Maybe you can buy a Magic Smoke Injector.

I’ll pour out a cold one for your fallen CHIP.


How did you anger the blue smoke fairy?

Bye my dead chips I plan on mounting to a display board
With little plaques telling when and how I murdered them,


You should mount them like hunting trophies.


I think I either misconnected the 40 conductor zif cable from my touch screen. It is too fiddly on that stand. I had already ordered an extension cable. But… At least it was only a chip.


Make little antlers for them as well.


I ordered my C.H.I.P on March 12,
Do you guys have a rough idea of when it might ship?




We’re the community and not the support, so this is not an official answer.

Most of the things are on backorder, it means that you must wait. Things are supposed to be shipped in the Q1, that means 31st March at latest.

My suggestion is to wait till April, as they promised Q1. If they don’t fulfil this, no worries, you can trust them. Of course, after Q1 feel free to email them.




Indeed. I have two orders in, one from January and one from March. I wouldn’t have placed the second one if I didn’t think NTC were trustworthy (and I was a kickstarter backer too)

They will ship when they ship. Until then I will try and repair my original :cry: and wait.

(I bought 50 diodes of the right type to replace the one I blew, it worked out cheaper with free shipping than one plus shipping.)


FYI I just received a reply to my polite enquiry and Tony from NTC said “it looks like it might be another four to six weeks unfortunately.”

This would make it start of Q2.

I hope that this helps… (now really hoping I can resurrect my chip)


I hope you can to.


Bummer :frowning:


No announcement on the website for additional delay…yet. :airplane:


Hey guys,

I am thinking about getting a Pocket Chip. I was wondering if it is any good to order it now, or is it better to just wait until it is available? What would you do? :wink:


Order now and when it’s available they send. Just in case later all of them are gone.