Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


Or alternatively, don’t fork over your money until they can promise to deliver (which includes a when). There’s a case to be made both ways.


I would wait until the updated shipping timetable is published, and then decide when/whether to order.


Thanks for your answers. Afaik, pre-orders have to be paid completely, so I think that I am going to wait a little longer, until more information about shipping times are available.

Has the PocketChip always been out of stock since release? I am asking because if this was the normal situation, pre-ordering would be probably better.


No, both CHIP and Pocket CHIP were in stock up until holiday season. My guess is that to make the $9 price work they HAVE to order a large number at a time. In that case they need to have a certain amount of demand for them.


That’s good to know. Then I will wait until the new batch has arrived. Thanks!


If you wait till they start shipping you’re more likely to run into an outage.


That is why I suggested waiting until they update their timetable… With any luck you will still be in that batch, but will have a clue on whether you are looking at Mid or Late April, or early May.


The way I look at is you want one anyway so you may as well get yourself higher in the queue. The longer you wait to order the longer you wait to get your CHIP regardless of their time table.


I was wondering “How come Allwinner chips are in short supply?”, then I realized: “Oh! Those Nintendo Classic Mini NES that are also in high demand and not available have Allwinners inside…”


Btw: I have a Mini NES… :laughing:


If anybody is interested, I am going to order the PocketChip tomorrow. I do not want to risk that the next batch is sold before I can place my order. Hopefully I will receive it in April, but that is probably too optimistic. :wink:


It is likely to be shipped in April but you might not receive it until May. Good luck.


Tomorrow all Q1 will change to Q2 )))


I bet they’re shipping on Monday. They can’t ship now because of all the requests they will get to change their address, etc. It’s too hard to do in two days. On Monday when the might ship they’ll have a whole week to sort things out.


***fingers crossed


Same here. But I have faith in them. So they will do it soon.


Any update would put me at ease. I rather be told it is delayed than get another email turning out to be a news letter about peeps that already have their products.


I’m sure that they will give out an update this week or early next week. Maybe even today. But I can’t say for sure. So don’t be sad if there isn’t one today just because I said there may be one. :wink:


I’m not sure there’s an adequate word for how sad and depressingly anxious my hype is to hear something or anything. Are there stages of this? I think i went from blind optimism to pitiful update stalking.


The next stage is acceptance… then you order more and start over at stage one. I placed orders Jan, Feb, and March. I think im going to order two more today. Every day I come up with reasonss on why I NEED more.

I only have one CHIP right now in my posession.


lawl. you my friend have restored hope in my hype. I have none chips. but now i feel like i need to order more. you should work for next thing co.