RetroPIe for C.H.I.P?


I’ve heard folks trying to run emulators on CHIP but it’s currently really slow. Needing firmware/kernal updates or something. I don’t know about RetroPIe or Emulation Station as of yet but that’s something I’d love to run using Pocket CHIP.


We are still missing 3D acceleration (proper GPU drivers), that’s what @Qix is referring to. For now any emulation will be done completely in the CPU so you can’t expect good performance.

That should change in the near future though!


I built retroarch on chip, but even it’s fallback UI forces OpenGL. I was getting about 1 frame per 9 seconds using software rendering.


So we don’t have acceleration yet? Is this a binary-blob issue, or will we simply be able to copy it over from another AllWinner device and use it?


guess I’ll pause my attempt at building it then… :open_mouth:


What about now that the chips have 3d capabilities?


I’m installing RetroPIe, I’m not expecting that CHIP can run NDS, PS1 or N64 games but maybe GBA, SNES and Sega 2D consoles. I will publish the results so cross your fingers


It’s got ps1 and n64 through other stuff but if you got arcade stuff going you’d be an hero.


According to comments I read, in Raspberry Pi 1 it could take 17 to 20 hours to compile (all included), I’m afraid that in CHIP it could take the same amount of time, it’s going to be a long weekend, but possibly I’ll become in a hero


We have faith in you.


the same errors RetroPie on CHIP Debian


Well poot. Perhaps some rave smarter than me soul would be able to rewrite the part that poops out.


Hi, a partial solution could be Mednafen emulator Mednafen (Emulator) configuration (GBC/GBA/SNES/NES) while waiting for some port of RetroPIe or Recalbox


another one could be Retroarch from PocketInstaller, but you need to download and test the better armhf cores (from stable or nightly) and build EmulationStation


Hi, I want to keep this thread alive with the best information I have found in the forum. I can currently have excellent results with the instructions provided by @Paramet3r in this thread, CHIP can run Retroarch with the xmb interface with 50-60 fps.

Some cores that I have tested and that manage a good performance (latest nightly version):

QuickNES - tested with Super Mario Bros
SNES9x 2005 - Megaman X
Genesis Plus GX - Sonic the Hedgehog
MAME 2010 - Metal Slug (maybe all the saga) and Marvel vs Capcom (maybe all the saga too but put in the game folder)
FBA CP2 - Marvel vs… etc
VBA-M and VBA Next (both works great for me) - The Legend of Zelda The MInish Cap

Picodrive, FBA Neo-Geo, gpsp, SNES9x balanced and accuracy crashes.

Stella emulator works for a26 format? I don’t know, but in this case it didn’t work for me. I still have not tried PCSX Rearmed

edit july 11 2017: the pcsx core downloaded from nightly works at 20 fps, download the custom build provided by @Paramet3r in the same thread, this works excellent for Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and 3


That’s strange, I was playing last night with my nephew Sengoku 2 and Bust-a-Move 2 and both wrked ok, with the normal chip stuttering but playable. Did you placed the negeo bios file in the same flder that you have your roms? Remember that some emulators need a bios file in order to work,and FBA neogeo is one of those ones.


maybe this could be the problem, but it doesn’t matter since MAME 2010 works for me. But thanks for your report :smiley:


Edit july 11 2018, Retroarch needs --disable-wayland parameter in ./configure


Nice, now I can compile Retroarch again, now I only have to find the way to fix the mid game stuttering. Also, I think you should have posted this information in this thread instead for best reference in the case somebody is looking for something similar, but anyway thanks for the heads up.


Hi, I’m glad that this information is useful and you’re right, that thread has more visits