RFC for an idea: The MachineCHIP


Hi CHIP community,

Since quite a time I’m playing around with an idea: I want to make building motion control and automation systems easier to foster innovation.

This idea is the reason why I’m interested in Machinekit, because I want to create a building block system for making my motion control ideas come to life. Robots, 3d printers, and drones should be only a few clicks away so we can focus on real innovation.

I think the CHIP and the in particular CHIP pro are good platforms for my project since they are cheap and easy to use. My idea is to build a prototyping platform based on the CHIP pro -> the MachineCHIP. The platform should be not only usable for prototyping but also in real products which make the CHIP pro perfect for the application.

The platform will combine two primary assets: A motion control extension board for the CHIP (pro) and software tools for the machine control configuration (similar to a PLC) and building user interfaces (desktop, mobile and web).

So here comes my RFC:

  • Are you interested in such a platform?
  • Are you interested in tools for creating motion control configurations?
  • Are you interested in tools for creating user interfaces?
  • Would you be willing to pay for the tools?
  • Is it important for you that the project is open source?
  • What is most important for you?
  • Any other ideas and feedback.

Machine Koder


such a board sounds nice, provided it is OSHW.
but i aint paying for a howto-install-machinekit manual :wink: