Ruby, GPIO, and flashing LEDs


I finally took delivery of a big box of things to plug into my CHIP, so it’s time to start learning in earnest.

I followed the directions from @fordsfords (on the wiki) to wire up two LEDs to two XIO pins. Then — because I’m me — I had to figure out how to drive them from Ruby!

I found a couple of existing GPIO gems (pi_piper, gpio), but they were both too complicated for me to figure out how to make them work for the CHIP before I got annoyed.

So I wrote my own: It is very basic right now, but I intend to add more features (event-driven inputs, PWM, etc.) as I get deeper into my projects.

For now, at least, it’s good enough to flash some LEDs. So I wrote a little ruby script to do just that:

The end result: 4MB GIF File of Two LEDs Flashing

Now, to figure out what to do with independently controlled LEDs…


Try something like this


I’m gonna need more LEDs.


Never can have too many LEDs.

I’m thinking about how to build a “modular” 8x8x8 LED matrix. They sell kits for $200-300, but I’d prefer a design that’s easier to construct and repair.