Ssh into headless CHIP: not able to find it on local network


I don’t have a monitor handy so I’m just trying to ssh into my CHIP. I read this: Setting up CHIP as a headless server with minimal tools and this: Is a blind installation possible? and I ran the nmap commands suggested in an attempt to locate the CHIP that is currently plugged into my laptop’s USB, but it’s not coming up with an IP address anywhere. Checked my router’s admin panel, didn’t see it listed there either. Anyone know what could be wrong?


If you are connecting to CHIP with USB from your laptop you need to follow the “USB On The Go Serial Connection” directions in Chip Docs -
This is a direct connection so you won’t be visible on your local network and your router won’t assign an ip number.


got it - worked great, thanks!


Anyone looking for an SSH or VNC Installation guide might find this useful:

Requires initial WiFi setup.