SSH not pre-installed


One of the biggest selling points (for me anyways) is that CHIP has built in wifi, and needs very little out of the box to be useful. However, if you don’t have a spare mouse, keyboard, and TV, it can be a little hard getting started. It would be nice if SSH came pre-installed so people could use it as a headless server right out of the box. Not including it seems like an oversight on the part of the developers. I got it working by connecting to my laptop via USB, but it would be nice if I could have skipped that part.


My CHIP arrived with sshd running.

The real issue is that the CHIP out of the box cannot just jump onto a WiFi network.

Fortunately, the USB port that is used for power is also setup as a serial terminal. With that terminal, you can set up WiFi and then should be able to ssh into the box.

Another user has written an excellent guide on doing just this.


Another user? Excuse me, I’m the one who wrote that :tongue:

I had to install SSH, but I suppose you are right, I’d still have needed to use a serial connection to set up wifi.


Ha! I totally missed that you’d written that. :wink: Thanks for the writeup!


I found openssh installed by default on mine. I had to reboot after configuring wifi for it to work. (I’m working entirely command line - first by serial connection, now by ssh.


I just got my chips yesterday. Neither of them had ssh installed by default–not even the client. I had to set both of them up manually.

As for wifi, it’s easier to set up a wifi guest network on your router that the chip can auto-connect to than it is to set up wifi on the chip without a display. Perhaps it would be better to have chip preconfigured to autoconnect to a specified network name (or the strongest open network) than to have to set it up with the display. Alternatively, have the USB port configurable as a mass storage (or possibly mtp) device with access to the filesystem so we can just change the settings from the computer.


I’m not sure I understand that comment. serieal connection, install nmtui , then run it. Easy-peasy. Alot easier than dragging cables and and monitors, etc.


Hmm. It was preinstalled on mine. I plugged an Ethernet to USB cable from my router and logged right in. Far easier than serial.


What would be really nice, is if the chip booted and wasn’t connected to wifi, if it would by default, become it’s own hotspot, where you could connect to it, ssh to it, and set it up like some other devices do. Wifi-direct.


Connecting via Serial is not the biggest pain imo. And setting up WIFI and ssh from there is easy as pi (pun intended… actually. I don’t have any raspberry pi products, so i have no idea if it’s easy or not on them)


Sure not as easy as many of the wifi thermostats I’ve played with, google chromecast, etc. That you basically plug in, connect to the wifi they are broadcasting, go to a web browser try to connect to any site, and their configuration page comes up. Give it a host name, Sid to connect to, and a network password, new root password, email address/phone number. It reboots, attaches to the new network, and emails/txts you it’s new ip address and you are ready to go. Many of these devices are even step to where if they become disconnected fro what ever reason they flip into access mode where you can easily get back in them with just your phone/table/laptop. Of course you would want to disable that if you had any sensitive data on it. But if you are using them as motion detectors/wireless speakers, it would sure be nice to be able to get access to them without having to find cables/open their cases, etc.


Anyone looking for an SSH or VNC Installation guide might find this useful:

Still requires initial WiFi setup.