Suggestion: Installing a shortcut to this BBS in the default PocketCHIP/CHIP OS?


Yep! Just a little icon on it’s mini-desktop that launches “surf” - not only does this make the surf command immediately accessible to people unfamiliar with it (that should also be noted in the Help file, perhaps?), but it also makes surf ITSELF immediately accessible as well, in it’s graphical context.


Did you know about @marshmallow’s version of Pocket-Home that a lot of PocketCHIP owners are installing and using instead of the NTC version? That allows customization and addition of additional tabs besides just the 6 that the first version shipped with.

Surf is available via command line with the “surf” command, and people should be able to bookmark the most important sites. I suppose NTC could build in the versions shipping, bookmarks to the bbs as well as the help docs.

And some of us are thinking NTC may well fork marshmallow’s pocket-home and make it the default when the next version of the pocketchip OS comes out.

What may be even more important, and something they could possibly do sooner, is add links to both the BBS and the wiki at to the documentation for both the C.H.I.P. and the PocketCHIP.